Monday, July 30, 2012

How Are You With Changes?

It is said: cluttered desks are signs of great minds...what happened to mine? lol

Even the title of this post makes me nervous. Good morning, 
  yes, I'm one of those who hate changes... however, this one will not be so bad...I think! Really, with your input and help it can be very rewarding. 
 Most of you, if not all, know that I write a column for my hometown newspaper, and I am looking for fodder...that is material for stimulating the response of my readers. 
  This is why I'm turned to you. I have gone from A-Z and back numerous times with subject matter, and the old-gray cells are draining, especially since it has involved years of writing. (Too, it can also be from my illnesses and all the meds that I have to take!) I don't want to stop, because I'm afraid it will get worse so, I really, really, really need your response! (Should I add another really?)
  Here's what I need/want to do: I have started, in a few previous post posing questions and asking for you to weigh in; what would you do, etc., to get your input. From them I can put together subjects and material to come up with an article. That's it...and you thought it would be complicated, huh? He, he, he!
  I know you no doubt get tired of me, but what other way can I get- on-your-nerves. Lol! I'll come back later today with a post and do a little visiting, but for now, I need to go visit my Mom, she's upset because I didn't come down yesterday after Sunday's Meeting. It was sooo hot, I just didn't want to go or do anything but stay home in the cool. But, what's a body to do! After all she's Mom!  
Thanks in advance for helping me out!

Have a great day!


  1. Guess what? I have a whole new and different writing topic for you! From your last words, in this post. :-)

    "Do you still let your Mother, lay guilt on you?"

    How's that for a possible idea for a column? Or even, just to file away, for possible future use...

    Obviously, you do still let your Mother make unfair demands on you, without simply telling her; "Moma, it's too hot today and I am not going to make myself sick, by trying to visit you."

    Seee how easy that is? "Yeah, sure", you are saying. -chuckle- "You don't know my Mama!" Well no, I do not. But I do know that none of us have to be "guilted" into doing things, which are bad for our own health. (End of story, in my book.)

    But, betcha', most people would reply to your question; "Do I?" "Yes, I still do let my Mama make me feel guilty." "Without thinking of being honest, and saying how-things-are." "And then, NOT allowing guilt to linger."

    Just a thought...

    "The fairy queen wore velvet cloaks of pansy purple in spring,
    with a petticoat of late yellow trumpet Daffodil."

  2. And in answer to your asked question... I do not like change, which I do not choose.

    I don't like being forced into a change.

    But I do like to decide for myself, to change this or that.

    If that makes any sense!!!! ,-)

    "The fairy queen wore velvet cloaks of pansy purple in spring,
    with a petticoat of late yellow trumpet Daffodil."

  3. Hi Loretta,

    I think a column on simpler times would be neat! I would be tuning in for that! People are so busy and long for the way things used to be. It would give them a way to go back. You could tackle one simple subject at a time.

    Just a thought.


  4. Change is my enemy ,lol. Richard

  5. I love change, it keeps everything from getting ho-hum, dull and boring. To me change is progress!!! Change up everything, I'd love it!!


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