Wednesday, May 23, 2012

I'm at I Again! are you this evening? Hot and very humid here. I just can't seem to get enough of my funny signs, but I'll try to let this one be the last...for a while! Lol! Click the icon in the right column to my other site to get a good laugh.

Monday, May 21, 2012

My Granddaughter Is Graduating!

Carly I know I am a bit early, but I just had to share your special uncoming day in June with friends! Yes, my little girl is not so little anymore...this is her last year of high school.

In case you've forgotten Vonetta is Carly's Mom.


Carly lived with us until she was five years old. I homeschooled her and we spent so much time with her, neighbors thought she was our child. We lived in Florida, then moved to Georgia during this time and having a little one in the home was a chore...but we made it!
  She went back to live with her Mom and Dad, (I'm sorry I can never get a good pic of Mark, her dad). Mark, then a pre-school teacher, took up where we left off and when she went into grade school, she was ahead of her peers. However, Mark put her with her age group and she did very well ahead of her class.
  Mark is quite the athletic and an excellent swimmer. He now holds the position of Director of Recreation (I might have the title wrong knowing me, lol...forgive me Mark if this is wrong.) Of course, he taught Carly how to swim.
  During the summer Carly works as a junior life-guard and the past summer she also worked with animals, reptiles...ugh, etc.
  She is very responsible, level-headed and smart with an outgoing personality. Carly is gregarious and well know among her peers and about town as a people-person. She's a competitive smimmer and was on her school's team. Her plans are to attend college in this field...she's trained with an olympic coach.
  James and I are very proud of her accomplishments and know she will follow her deams and aspirations to excel in her endeavors. Carly, we are sooo proud of you...reach for the stars!

Poppie and Mommie

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Our Sunday Dinner

 Hello... How's your Sunday going? Our weather is beginning to get hot! I could not stand it another day...I had to turn on the air! It is 92 and very humid.
  I cooked dinner today but I didn't stick strickly to James' diet, because he didn't want what I was cooking. I was trying to keep it simple because it makes it hot in the kitchen this time of the year. I invited my Daughter over to dinner, but she's cooked a big dinner and wanted me to come over there.
  To make a long story short, I'll have to put it in the freezer when I'm finished. James ate a bowl of cereal and was happy with that.
  This dinner wasn't anything special, just country fare. I made the salad with romaine lettuce, sweet onions because I was out of the green ones, boiled eggs and my dressing is a creamy one.
 I pan seared some cutlets and made rice with green peas. The four biscuits were from my daughter (she's always bringing something over for us. These we can't eat so, I put them away too!) But, not before I got a shot of them. Enjoy!


 Happy Sunday...
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