Saturday, September 1, 2012

All Is Calm On The Old Homefront

  Good Saturday Morning to all, the storm has blown over and we are doing well! Isaac was a huge rain bearer and very windy. I know you have seen the news and pictures of the devastation down south. Our thoughts and prayers to those of you still down there! 
  The bus loads of folks' who were transferred here up north were definitely in need of neighborly help. They were cold, wet, shaking, hungry, exhausted; barefoot and bewildered. Some, shocked this was happening to them again seven years after Katrina! Our hearts were filled with  compassion upon seeing their plight. Giving and Christian love has been generous from neighbors all over northwest Louisiana!
  We didn't get the effects from Issac that was forecast, thankfully, because of a dry front that moved into the northwest region pushing it eastward...we were truly blessed! However, we did get strong wind, some flooding, and have tree limbs down over our lawn. 
  Issac left in his wake, muggy, hot weather! I suppose it did what it was suppose to do...push in hot tropical air! More rain is in the forecast today thru Monday!

  We would like to thank you all for your comments. It is nice to have friends who are concerned and display neighborly love. Thanks to you all!
  James and I wish you a very good extended weekend, and hope you enjoy it with family and friends. Take care until we post again... 

Warm Rich Blessings,

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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Our Weather's Growing Dangerous

How's everyone? Family visiting kept me very busy the past few days. My cousins all came to visit together and we had a ball catching up and reliving the past.
  I'll have to tell you about it in a future post. They are all gone now and I am trying to put the house back together and cleaning. 
 Right now, we are bracing for impending nasty weather. Isaac is now a hurricane and headed for the coastal region of Louisiana! 
  President Obama has urged residents to hunker down or "get out" if told to do so, saying, "its not the time to tempt fate". Everyone is hopeful those levees will hold although this is certainly no Katrina...only a category 1 storm with 6-12 feet surges...but it is still a hurricane! 

  I had a map from our region to show you, but I can't upload any pics for some reason...however, the North-west areas where we live, are out of those tropical strong winds, rain and tornadoes, but we are expecting wind and rain from the feeder bands 40-50 mile gusts. Already winds have picked up here, but not too bad. It is a pretty sunny day now. I suppose you can say..."the calm before the storm". 
Tomorrow and Thursday...will be our turn. Pray we all make it through! If I don't come back afterwards, it may be because of power outages.
 Hope those of you in the coastal areas have gone to areas of protection and safety...out of harms way! Our prayers are with you!

Take Care...
Loretta & James

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