Friday, March 23, 2012

Happy Saturday Ladies

Have you gal's been having a great day? I have, soaking up some sun and enjoying the outdoors! I know we can't all have it our way because of the weather difference, nevertheless, we can all reminisce, right?
  Can you believe it, my gardener finally showed today. One question to you, why do you have to practically run a person down to get him to do a job for you? It's not like you are asking for work free, right? Then, when they do show up, the hand is extended for pay...sometimes before any work has begun? This is above my head, I just can't see you?
  I just wanted to say "Hello" and to let you know what I'm up to, I'm on my way back cleaning up the different beds from the storms. Thought I'd leave a little motivational saying and greeting with you!

All the Best ToYou My Friends...

Happy Sunday Ladies

Good Morning,

Is it as sunny and beautiful where you are today? I sure hope so. I love Spring... don't you? Yeah, I know you do, which is why i'm giving you a walk through my garden today. I know you will find it just as enjoyable as everyone does. So, hurry and get ready.
  Some areas are still under consideration for new beds, but i've cleaned up a bit, so grab a cuppa and let's get started. Oh, you might want to put on your Wellies, it is still rather wet from the storms.

After all the planning to upload, I still managed to get my pictures out of place. I'll do what I can to guide you through. This pic above is the east side garden with Azaleas, Spiraea and other ground cover.

 This is the largest white Azalea in the front yard that will have to be trimmed this year. We moved in to late to trim it last year. Everyone is saying to leave it, but it gets too leggy and doesn't do as well if you don't give them a little care.

 This is the same one...if you look closely you will see the pink (I think) peeking out. The white one dominates the red one behind it. I am now on the west side and down in the driveway.

 The same as above but I panned you can see, it is covering the brick wall and is almost hanging to the ground below.  Everyone passing through slows or stop to view our gardens, or take pictures. It is really beautiful!

I'm still on the west side,but looking up to the front yard. The neighbors house can be seen in this shot too.

 Sorry, this is a shot back on the east side. Across the street are other neighbor's homes.

More white Azaleas
 This is a shot of my Dogwood in the east back yard. I can't get the shot I'm looking far, but this one was taken just before the storms rolled in. It is a beautiful tree. It was planting in the middle with red Azaleas planted all around it!

 Now, back on the west side front drive, these are the stairs to the front yard. The sun rays are beautiful this AM. I had to cut down the flowers on the left of the stairs, because it was dead. I'm thinking of letting the ground cover on the top grow down to fill this spot. It can get quite leggy too.

 The other side of the drive has a shorter wall with pretty ground cover the length of the driveway. Some of it is making its way up the tree. folks are always stopping by to ask for a cutting of it! In the background of this pic, you will see part of the city park. In a couple of hours, the children will be out playing, yelling and having a good time. The maintenance crew were out early mowing and getting it ready for today. That's the neighbor's kitty on top of the wall. She's looking at me, but the sunlight is so bright you can't see her face.

 I walked down the drive a bit to get this shot.

Standing on the stairs below to get this shot! These are the same stairs.

 Shot from the other side of the driveway

The east front of the house

 Close ups of the different flower beds...Enjoy!

I sure hope you enjoyed our little walk...Oh, was it too much for you? I'm sorry. Why don't you come sit a spell on the front porch. We have plenty of chairs, and I'll go in and get us all some iced tea, cucumber sandwiches, and lemon cake. How does that sound? Oh goodie, come on in and refresh yourself after that walk. We just love having you here!
  Thank you for coming to tour our you can see, we still have a lot to do, if I can just get some good help. Oh well, It may take me a while, but I think I will start getting the work done.

Hope you have a beautiful Sunday Afternoon!
Loretta & James


Thursday, March 22, 2012

Happy Thursday Everyone

Good Sunny Morning, are you having a beautiful one? The sun is shining here and everything is washed clean from the rain, and green is everywhere!

I have put together more of my funny directive for you to view this morning...I hope they bring smiles and happy feeling to you. Yeah, I'm at it again...hop on over to #2 to see what's's the link:  Love You!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Rain Rain and More Rain

Thanks to our God, we weathered the storm, but it was sooo scary. This was the first time I've seen these kind of clouds...they were ominous! Lightening was fierce...seemingly there were hits-after-hits with booming thunder. Usually you hear about rain-wrapped tornadoes at night, but these were formed that way when they past over the southern half from us. Flooding is all over...rain continues until tomorrow. The storm did bring cooler temps...we are at 50 degrees now, however, the house feels damp.

  I want to thank you all for your comments. Please know they are always appreciated and welcomed. Thanks sooo very much!
  I didn't eat a meal only fruit yesterday, so when I came to the kitchen this morning, I felt like eating! I had my usual bowl of Cheerios with a sliced bananna, and a cup of coffee. Afterwards, I got busy cooking. 
  I didn't have a menu planned, so I just took food from the freezer, cupboard, etc.  I didn't, for some reason, have any one invited to come over...this was a good thing...I just cooked earlier, because weather reports are...flooding and more power outages, even school closures.  
This is what I ended with for lunch. Smothered pork-loin with peppers and onions, baby lima beans, yellow rice, thin-cornbread green salad-w-ranch dressing, and for dessert...Brownies!

I didn't realize the meat was covered...could not be seen, but it is there!

I love yellow rice and it is just as easy to prepare as white rice.

The salad is simple with veggies and a prepared ranched dressing.

 Brownie's are not from scratch, but they are just as tasty


Although my meal wasn't from scratch, it is still a healthy meal and just as yummy! (No bragging, I promise). 
 I didn't sleep soundly last night because of the storms, I was up very early. However, after cooking this meal, I am ready for a nap. The babies are way ahead of me. I put the heater on and they are all curled up in their pillows fast asleep.
  I sure hope you enjoy viewing my quick and easy meal. We wish you a wonderful day and a relaxing evening to come. Thanks so much for visiting and a hardy Welcome to all who are new followers!

Happy Spring!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Bad Storms In Our Area

I sure hope you are all having a good day. I was doing okay until... I got a huge scare! I'd just turned to go inside from the porch and I heard a weather warning for our area on the tv...a tornado southwest moving east...right in the path where we live!
  While outside, I'd watched how the clouds were making up, and thought it looked like a twister; suddenly, the wind picked up blowing over things on the porch and the trees leaning across the street. I barely made it inside and struggled to close the door! It was dark as night in the house. I grabbed the babies and headed for the hall with  things to cover ourselves! They knew it wasn't good because they were shaking and hugged close to me. The wind was sooo scary, like howling aroung the house.  
  Then, just as sudden as it started, it was all gone...quite as a mouse!  So quiet it left me with this feeling I can't begin to describe. I thought maybe it was shock...I still feel it!
  I immediately call my Mom and she was a little scared, but okay however, I heard the fear in her voice!
Lisa, my baby sister is on her way to pick her up to go to her house for lunch. I listen to the weather, and it was said, where I saw the twister there was a lot of damage; the storm blew over trees, ripping some out of the ground, flooding, power out etc. while it was down, then suddenly it picked up, and was gone! But, the damage was done quickly! Thunder, lightening and rain is now severe/heavy.

Needless to say, it was really scary...and its not over...weatherman predict more to come! Lightening very bad now, so I'm getting off,
will get back when I can!

Pray that no lives will be loss during this bad storm!
Love you all,

Monday, March 19, 2012

My Spring Garden

Happy Monday Everyone!
  Spring is is beginning again! When Hubster and I moved into our home last April, my how time flies, it was on the tail end of our gardens. Sad to say, we lost beautiful beds to the drought last summer. This was especially true with my gardens at the old house. Now, we have knowledge of how grand our gardens are here! Everyone is talking about the beauty this year. I hope we will be considered garden-of-the-month!
  If you have missed me a while lately from blogging, it was because I was tending garden so we would have a good show this Spring at our new home. Adding additives, snipping a little and cultivating... this is the beauty we gained from our efforts. (Click on the pics to get a full show.) I will add more later...I have quite a few! The pics will speak for themselves.         

There are white, pink and red Azaleas, (correct me with color if wrong, have trouble with colors), Spirea, Camellia. Help me with the white flower with yellow center...can't remember the name.


 Lot of blooms

Oh, This is a just a few and I haven't been down home yet. Everything was washed so clean by the rain. Bear with me as I take you on more tours of gardens here.
  Next time I will pan out and take shots of my home and the flowers. Hope you are enjoying today. I have a headache that will get worse...I can feel it. I've taken meds, so I'll have to wait it out!
  It is humid here, with rain north of us. A warm 76 degrees before 8 AM! I'm waiting on the gardner to come to help me with some beds for annuals...of course he's late. What in the world has happened to, being-on-time with people? I have a good mind to cancel, but, the guy needs the money as he's told us many times!
  City workers have started to dig out front, replacing water lines. Ugh, what a muddy mess! People have started their veggie gardens here...I'm going to use containers this year, too many trees here hinders laying in a garden. What are you doing this morning? Have you started your gardens, containers, etc. It really helps to put in your own, especially your herbs.
  If I have mistakes, it's because of the headache...Sorry! Where is that man!!!
Hope you have a Marvelous Day!

Here's Sunny Thoughts coming your way!
Loretta & James
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