Saturday, February 4, 2012

Good Saturday Evening

  Hope you are all having a spectacular Saturday! It has been raining since Friday here and the forecast is still more rain! That's okay with me, because a cold front will move in shortly, and I'll be snug as a you know, cold is not friendly at all to me. lol.
  I've mentioned before how much I dislike take-out, so I looked through some old recipes of mine and cooked for us. Because I am trying out recipes neither of these dishes are compatible, however, I can refrigerate...there is always tomorrow, right? 
  First up, a casserole dish I made while living in Florida, "Chicken Continental". It is filled with chicken, rice, mushrooms, french-cut green beans, etc. 
  Because it contains so many ingredients, I consider it a meal...all that's needed is salad or, fixings and maybe dessert. This is exactly what I served together. (Click on pic to enlarge.) Enjoy!

The casserole is really good...there are red and green peppers, celery and onions. The broth from the chicken   keeps it from being too thick.

I always take more pictures at different angles, so you can see the dish.

Truly, this is a delicious dish and having a full tossed salad with it is quite filling. The bread crumbed topping takes care of the bread.

These are decadent chocolate, walnut filled crepes`. I added peaches warmed and cooled in their own juice with a whipped topping. Then, garnished with zest and chopped walnuts. If it sounds far-out, that's because I made it up as I went along. It is very decadent and delicious.

I suppose we have to try putting a spin on old recipes...just as we do everything else...especially if we are having trouble finding meals to prepare for the family. It has almost become a chore for us. What about you...are you having problems with deciding what to cook?
  James and I sure hope you are well and spending some quality time together. We wish you a Super Weekend too!

   Thinking of you,           
  James & Loretta

Friday, February 3, 2012

Musings From Loretta

"The Lord upholds all who fall. And rises up all who are bowed down. The eyes of all look expectantly to You, and You give them their food in due season. You open Your hand  and satisfy the desire of every living thing." Psalm 145:14-16

Life has thrown me a problem...I am struggling. I am heartbroken because of my sibling. Because she's am I. Please, pray that she will make the right decision to move on with her life and do not return to a meaningless abusive relationship!

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

My Sister's & Mom's Stitchery

Good Tuesday Morning Friends,

  Are you having a wonderful morning? I'm sitting here looking out of my window into a thick fog. It reminds me of TV programs I've watch that were filmed in England...pea soup! 
  I took the pets out to pottie and I could not see them! I was afraid they would get away and run to the front lawn. The street is very busy out front so, we don't allow them on the front unless it is on the porch. I was feeling very panicky until I got them safely back inside!
  I've often mentioned I am no good at sewing and the likes, maybe because I haven't tried, however, my #3 sister, Patricia (Pat) can do it all! Watching her work, I envy the skills, speed and creativity she possesses when making a piece. This doll's dress and hat below is one outfit that she finished crocheting quite easily and quickly. Then, the smaller ones she made afterwards. Aren't they darlings?
(Click on pic to see.)

The quilt on the bed was one of Mom's with all embroidery. I posted them when I first started to blog. Here are the pillows first, of her ladies, then, the pillows with the quilt.

We labeled them "The Ladies"

 The design is Ladies of different color with different flowers in blocks, as seen below

Then, back to the pillows again. There are five of us girls, no brothers and she made one lap quilt and pillow for each of us, in our favorite color.

This one is mine below in blue-n-white

Mom knew exactly what was needed. I curl up in my recliner often with my quilt and pillow, especially on those days the fibro decides to visit. I even use it during the summer when Hubster cranks up the AC!
  Sewing is definitely not my forte, but in my family, as I'm sure you all can attest, each one have different abilities. In God's Almighty Wisdom, He made us to need each others creativity. Therefore, we are not inept, but we are inter-dependent, right?
  This is exactly what I see/feel when I view your creations! No two are alike...variety is pleasing to the eye!
  Whatever you create today, I know your project will be pleasing to our eyes! Don't worry if it isn't perfect...are we?

Have a wonderful and sparkling week! 

Monday, January 30, 2012

Good Monday Morning To All

Hope you are all well and enjoying your day. I have prepared another photo array of My Color Day on blog #2 for your viewing pleasure. Please pop over here:
  Thanks much! Loretta

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Sunday's Dinner

Hello...A Wonderful Sunday to All of You,
   Loretta is letting me post this evening and I couldn't be happier! That's because I made dinner for her and I wanted to tell you all about it.
  It ain't much, but it was mighty tasty since we both like herbs. I saw this recipe in one of Loretta's cook books, and thought I would try it out. If she was writing this, I know she would tell you about the mistakes and problems I had, but I'm gonna tell you how good it turned out. So, here is my herb stuffed chicken breast and all the trimmings. Click on the picture to enlarge.

This is Loretta's plate, she might eat some of it, but I doubt if she will eat it all. I ain't showing you mine because I have one of those hefty he-man plates! Loretta laughs every time I fix a plate. Heeeeheee I do too!

 I seasoned the breast with the herbs, salt, pepper, then slit them for the stuffing. That was made from a bag of stuffing she had, chicken broth and some added vegetables, then stuffed inside the breast. I put a toothpick in the meat to hold it in there. Hate to sound like brag, but this dinner was downright good. Ashley hung in the kitchen and  he was my taster. If he ate it, then it had to be good, I guarantee! Heeeehee

Loretta made this fruit salad for me 20 years ago and I fell in love with it. She stopped making it, so I had to learn how. Once I did, I keep a bowl in the icebox for my late night snack. That's what you have to do guys!

Easy salad to make, can of fruit cocktail, coconut, pecans, bananas, and cool whip. This is her salad. She tried to get a shot of mine, but I went out on the porch to eat it, yep, it was huge too. Heeeeheee!
  I don't care, i'm a big man and if you happy I say, show it! Yes sir, that ole' gal has made me a happy man and I wouldn't have it any other way. I had to learn how to deal with her and that blame shot gun, she can scatter them buck shot too, but I can handle it! Can't do nothin' else, heeeeheeee!
  Ya'll be good to each other. Have a good relaxing evening and to the men folks out there, like me, get ready to hit the pavement tomorrow morning. Ya'll be careful, ya' hear! Well, I hope you enjoyed my jawing, so I'm gonna close now! 

Peace to you All,

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