Saturday, May 5, 2012

Odd Things?

I thought I'd concluded there is nothing in this world today that is shocking to me, because each day there is something that will rock you in your socks.

Lord was I ever wrong! I need your input on this one! This is a tattoo...I'm sorry I forgot to mention this...I suppose I was so stunned!

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

From My Garden

Good evening, how are you? Well, I certainly hope you are the best! I've been visiting today, but sorry to say I didn't get around to all...not to worry because I will get there soon. I have seen your post and have to admit, I have missed a number of creative ideas. But you know, I'm not worried because I can always go back and catch up on them, right?
  I thought I'd share some last of the crop pics of my flowers. They are no way as showy as my gardens from where we moved. When I snapped them, it had been raining, so they are showing a bit rain-soaked. The Azalea are actually late bloomers and adding color to our back yard.

Click on the pic to enjoy. As you can see, rain did damage to my little rose bush. I thought it would not bloom, since I planted it in February. Boy was I surprised! I had to pick it up from the ground, the hard wind blew it down.
  I am so disappointed with the way this new posting...I hate the frame. I suppose I will be changing again. As to my posting content, please bear with me as I search for fodder. The old gray-cells are a bit muddled since being away from posting. Hopefully, rest and a little recupe will change it.
  Wishing you all a Lovely Evening and a Good Night!

James & Loretta

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Happy Tuesday Pretty Ladies

And, you all are beautiful in my eyes! Good morning, what are you doing on this wonderful day...May 1st? Sure hoping it has gotten off to a marvelous start.
  It is now a warm 82 degrees in our neck of the woods and getting near 90 today. My patient is doing quite well, surpassing all the rehab goals and healing very well. I am so very proud of this because I thought I would have a task taking care of him all alone.
  I had a bad day Sunday and I stopped and did what I needed to take care of myself. I had the presence of mind to prepare a larger meal on Saturday, and he was to assist me with heating it. Trying to keep to this strict diet has been a chore because James has gotten his appetite back and the portions as he says, are making him very upset...they are too lite, and no salt to boot!
  One thing I really want to ask of you...when posting, how do you go back to correct a mistake? I had to delete the entire sentence to correct a word while reviewing? I am reall not liking this new thing, so if you see any mistakes, this is why!
  I was sitting on the porch, one of my fave past times and watching the clouds

I love how beautiful the sunrays shine through in the bottom photo. What an awesome testament of God's Glory! James sends his love and asked me to tell you you are wonderful!
  Let us know how you are spending this wonderful May Day?

All The Best to You,
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