Friday, August 3, 2012

What Ever Happened To...

Starting and holding a conversation with a person waiting to be checked out at the grocery store?

This woman is good compared to some actions I've seen. People will stare at you like you are yesterday's dirt...
  I said excuse me to a young person the other day standing in line because I stepped back and bumped into her. I then said, "how are you today?" Do you think anything was said back to me? The girl standing behind her asked her, "who that woman?" She replied, "who you asking?" What has happened to common manners nowadays? The way people act and look at you, maybe you should keep your mouth shut! What do you think?


  1. I think with all the texting and computer time young people are spending, they are losing the art of oral polite communication. And add a little 'me' generation and you got it sista!!! Rudeness!! OK now you got me started.

  2. Keep at it Loretta. I am determined to always greet folks in those situations. I am bound to win over a few persons eventually!

  3. Manners and morals flew out the window a good while ago.
    People are just down right rude!
    Not everyone of course but many.

  4. Can't believe people's attitudes these days, what ever happend to manners! hope your weekend is happy sweetie

    Bee happy x

  5. Oh I love it...keep them coming!

  6. Oh Loretta,
    I believe it is a sign of the times!
    People are downright rude and mean anymore!
    I see it often at my job, and actually one of my co-workers, and also a good friend, said a customer recently told her she should just kill herself, because she was so ugly. REALLY?!! I told her it was a GOOD thing I wasn't there, I don't know what I might have replied back! We didn't have some shoes he wanted apparently.
    There are still decent folks, but I tell you, it is a "ME, ME, ME" society! Very sad, but you know, if I saw you in a store, I would say, How are you doing honey? Right back! I always do try and be polite to others, often, I think other clerks are shocked when I ask them how their day is going. The worlds' problem is, the world needs Jesus!
    It will get worse until he returns.
    God bless you Loretta!

  7. Manners matter. Always have, always will.

  8. Manners matter. Always have, always will.

  9. Thank you for your comments. Love them all! Keep them coming!

  10. I often get rudeness from folks but then other times when I smile or say a kind word, the person acts like maybe I'm the only one all day who has been nice to them - so - I just keep on!!!

  11. Wow, I'm so sorry you had to experience such rudeness. I really think people have forgotten, or never learned, how to communicate. The high road is always better and you took in when you asked this person how she was doing!
    Thanks so much Loretta for stopping by and leaving your very sweet comment.

  12. It seems people just don't have time to even be polite and considerate. Its all about them in my opinion and nothing else matters.

  13. Hi Loretta, just dropped in to say hi as it has been awhile since I visited. I know what you mean sweetie, so many people out there need a good kick in the attitude ajustment dept. Not me though... Love ya LJ

  14. I don't know.. Here in my country people think you're weird if you start talking with a stranger. :(

  15. Sadly, true. I was doing registration for a program for the last few days. The process generally took three or four minutes. In the midst of it I would ask the person a question and they would be texting or talking on the phone and ignore me. I just waited until they saw me holding their ID and they did apologize. They had manners once, but I think they just don't use them.
    Hope you're having a good weekend.

  16. It might be a sad commentary on how so many people's lives have become almost taken over by technology. Their main communication tool, is a cell phone, etc. Not their own voice, speaking person to person.



  17. I'm still one of those people that talks to people in line. I make eye contact and smile first, then I usually know which way it's going to go! lol!

    It's sad.....

    Have a great week!



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