Thursday, August 2, 2012

This Week Is Just About Over

   I remember Monday, however...where did the week go? 
More steaming heat with no rain in sight, we can't change we keep doing what we do to keep cool...and live with it, right? Thanks to you for visiting and your comments. 
  I'm a bit sad, because James and I only have the remainder of this week together all day. Monday is his day to return to work! Doc wants him to try things out and has give him a number of restrictions. 
Regrettably, his supervisor is not happy, and has been very vocal about it. We are certainly not worried...time will tell, huh? 

That's right, our schools starts on Monday August 6th! I spoke with children in the neighborhood and they are not happy campers, and certainly not ready to go back!

There are parents who are dreading the long list of supplies that have been posted in stores. Some of them are just too much! I suppose they are crying buckets of tears too! 
 One Mom, looking at the long list lamented, "I can't buy food to put on the table, how am I going to buy all this stuff?" You had to feel for her, and all of those standing around agreeing.

    Sorry, I had to stop to get Miss Kitty out of my file box. Now she's on the bed pouting! She went in and shredded papers yesterday when I was on the phone. Talk about sneaky and smart, I think she schemes how to get back at me. More on her later. 
  Thanks again for visiting...we love having you here. I'm going to visit with you as soon as possible...I had a short deadline this week. Changes coming there soon too, ugh!




  1. Hope you and James enjoy the rest of your week together and the transition back to work is a smooth one for him.
    School starts earlier and earlier every year. I remember not going back until after Labor Day.

  2. I'm thinking of James as he returns to work. I'm back at work 3+ weeks after my surgery and doing okay. Each weeks has presented challenges and one thing I learned was to get enough rest during the week. Take good care and sending hugs!

  3. Your pictures were perfect in this post. It is sad that parents are being stretched so thin these days and those lists are getting longer, not shorter. Miss Kitty is just too adorable.

  4. Thank you for commenting on my Tim Holtz tag.
    You have a lovely catty.
    Liva ❤


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