Saturday, August 24, 2013

Southern Potato Salad Dinner

Welcome to Our House! 

   Come on in and visit for a spell. I sure could use your help in the kitchen today. I'm still having problems with my sight so, I'm moving a bit slow. I just started to make my potato salad, the post will start as a tutorial today. As you can see, I've chopped the pickles, onions, bell peppers are frozen...those on the bush are too small. I have the eggs and olives ready too.

I'm now adding  the chopped veggies above, see how colorful it is?

Now the mayonnaise and mustard. I wanted mustard today with the meal that I have. Mix is all until it is well blended.

I like to make it look presentable by adding to the top slices eggs, olives and a little paprika for color 

Daun helped me to prepare the meal by making sure I didn't make a mistake, importantly, have an accident!

I wanted veggies so, I settled on having greens and candid sweet potatoes with ham and the potato salad. I don't eat much meat however, this ham has good flavor and is very tender. It is a Smithfield. 

  The apple berry crisp is very good Daun surprised us with!  Now, come on and pull up a chair and have some down-home-southern-cooking...there is iced tea in the refrigerator. Help yourself...there's aplenty!
Thank you all so much for visiting and helping me to get the salad done. Wasn't that fun! 

  We wrote a post about my visit to doc's on the pet blog  if you would like to read.*

   I want to Wish You a Blessed Sunday and remember...
Family Matters!

Best Wishes To All,
Loretta and the Gang

*Please overlook my type-o is getting harder to focus especially in the evening when I'm tired!

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Wishing You A ...

A  beautiful bouquet for my wonderful friends...

Hope You are Having an Extraordinary Day! 

Best Wishes,
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