Friday, August 3, 2012

What Ever Happened To...

Starting and holding a conversation with a person waiting to be checked out at the grocery store?

This woman is good compared to some actions I've seen. People will stare at you like you are yesterday's dirt...
  I said excuse me to a young person the other day standing in line because I stepped back and bumped into her. I then said, "how are you today?" Do you think anything was said back to me? The girl standing behind her asked her, "who that woman?" She replied, "who you asking?" What has happened to common manners nowadays? The way people act and look at you, maybe you should keep your mouth shut! What do you think?

Thursday, August 2, 2012

This Week Is Just About Over

   I remember Monday, however...where did the week go? 
More steaming heat with no rain in sight, we can't change we keep doing what we do to keep cool...and live with it, right? Thanks to you for visiting and your comments. 
  I'm a bit sad, because James and I only have the remainder of this week together all day. Monday is his day to return to work! Doc wants him to try things out and has give him a number of restrictions. 
Regrettably, his supervisor is not happy, and has been very vocal about it. We are certainly not worried...time will tell, huh? 

That's right, our schools starts on Monday August 6th! I spoke with children in the neighborhood and they are not happy campers, and certainly not ready to go back!

There are parents who are dreading the long list of supplies that have been posted in stores. Some of them are just too much! I suppose they are crying buckets of tears too! 
 One Mom, looking at the long list lamented, "I can't buy food to put on the table, how am I going to buy all this stuff?" You had to feel for her, and all of those standing around agreeing.

    Sorry, I had to stop to get Miss Kitty out of my file box. Now she's on the bed pouting! She went in and shredded papers yesterday when I was on the phone. Talk about sneaky and smart, I think she schemes how to get back at me. More on her later. 
  Thanks again for visiting...we love having you here. I'm going to visit with you as soon as possible...I had a short deadline this week. Changes coming there soon too, ugh!



Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Fun Down South On Cane River

I wish I can say it was fun in the sun...not in this sun! It is extremely  hot here and has been for days! In some Parishes, the temp exceeds 110 degrees. Factor in the indices and this fells like 128 degrees... Wow!
  The family managed to spend time outside after showers came and cooled things. Just a few pictures, more later if I can gather them, not very organized lately. Please click on the photos to enlarge. Thanks!

The young man above is Reshard, little Braylon's dad

Here's Braylon...he is his daddy's son, huh?

My Mom, and Reshard... she was his caregiver when my sister and Arthur, (who passed away) worked.
She played softball, football, rode the four wheeler with him ...she did it all! They have a special bond.

This is my fourth sister's daughter, Kisha, and Kisha's daughter, Bre

This is Kisha's sister Jackie with her son Aiden. Aiden is our "special" little boy. In spite of all odds, little Aiden has exceeded all expectations! His next hurdle...walking! He is two years old. Jackie is an exceptional Mom! They came from Washington State to the gathering.

 This is just one of the old oak trees... they are over one hundred years old. This is a beautiful place where my sister Patricia  built their home.

Above...a shot of the River, and below, some of the family boating.

They all wore black and white and despite the heat, had a nice time Friday -Sunday! We are all looking forward to December, hoping everyone can come home! 
  Thanks for visiting us today and stop by again to visit. Hope you have a great evening...keep cool!

Warm Regards,

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

A Pest In The South and Spreading...

Good Evening, In case you haven't heard of this bugger, it is the Asian Tiger mosquito. 

They are the cause of the West Nile virus spreading here in the south

  These buggers are tough to eradicate as it is to swat. They are predominately a container mosquito and can breed in the smallest amount of water. It has spread from the steamy south steadily north and west.
  They get their names from the markings. They feed  during the day unlike regular mosquito. Please be aware of this potentially deadly pest! They are know to feed on birds and humans...birds are the usual host of the West Nile virus. There are 14 cases reported in Louisiana with 4 more recently added. 
  This mosquito is from Japan and entered into the States in 1985. Please be careful and especially careful with your children. They cause severe swelling and flu-like symptoms. 

Monday, July 30, 2012


                                             Achieving Happiness!

Weigh in on this one: " What Do You Believe Stands Between You And Complete Happiness"? Thanks for your views!

How Are You With Changes?

It is said: cluttered desks are signs of great minds...what happened to mine? lol

Even the title of this post makes me nervous. Good morning, 
  yes, I'm one of those who hate changes... however, this one will not be so bad...I think! Really, with your input and help it can be very rewarding. 
 Most of you, if not all, know that I write a column for my hometown newspaper, and I am looking for fodder...that is material for stimulating the response of my readers. 
  This is why I'm turned to you. I have gone from A-Z and back numerous times with subject matter, and the old-gray cells are draining, especially since it has involved years of writing. (Too, it can also be from my illnesses and all the meds that I have to take!) I don't want to stop, because I'm afraid it will get worse so, I really, really, really need your response! (Should I add another really?)
  Here's what I need/want to do: I have started, in a few previous post posing questions and asking for you to weigh in; what would you do, etc., to get your input. From them I can put together subjects and material to come up with an article. That's it...and you thought it would be complicated, huh? He, he, he!
  I know you no doubt get tired of me, but what other way can I get- on-your-nerves. Lol! I'll come back later today with a post and do a little visiting, but for now, I need to go visit my Mom, she's upset because I didn't come down yesterday after Sunday's Meeting. It was sooo hot, I just didn't want to go or do anything but stay home in the cool. But, what's a body to do! After all she's Mom!  
Thanks in advance for helping me out!

Have a great day!

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