Friday, October 21, 2011

It is Color Day!

That's right! Color Day...Think Pink!

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Hope your weekend is filled with Happiness...remember...Keep Smiling and Hug your Pets today! Until then... Happy Autumn!


Thursday, October 20, 2011

Weather Related Woes

Sometimes, you really have to be careful what you wish for, huh? I longed for the weather we are having now, you, even cold this morning at near freezing, very windy...winds from the northwest.

 Oooh, my kind of weather! However, this was back in the day when I was in my 20's and 30's...I would go without a sweater or coat, sleep with the windows up, and all those crazy things that gave me the feeling of freedom and youth! I felt I'd never get old, although, I still don't feel that way now, but my body tells a different story.
  As soon as the temp dropped and the wind blew, the big FIBRO came knocking...hard. I have barely made it out of bed for two days now. It feels as if I'm dragging my body along. Seemingly, the more I'm determined to keep going, my body fights every effort I put forth. It is a struggle...and the pain is never ending! My med are effortlessly!

When I view your blogs and see the law and order of your homes, I wonder how you are able to keep things so neat and clean, especially with children in the home! 
My kitchen is awful! It is the room that's used more than any others, and is constantly cluttered. I like the country cluttered look, but this is a bit much!

Dishes and pots stacked in the sink and on the cab, cereal boxes, etc. not put away. Clutter everywhere!

This, in the past, would have driven me beans! But now, I have learned to not stress myself about these small things. I can't get up to do it, so, I leave it! Hubster comes in and take care of it all. Or, he will ask our daughter to do it. It gets done and I don't have to stress about it.
It was hard for me to accept this, but if I want to get over this round of pain, I have to destress and settle for what needs to be done. I can't change this, and I have certainly learn to live with it...what else can be done... there is no cure for it!
  When I see your  beautiful clean homes, I don't envy them or you...I just thank the Lord that things aren't worse for me and I can at least do what I'm doing now! 

  Hope you are having a good and productive week! I enjoy visiting gives me something to think about other than this awful pain...thanks for inviting me over!
Have a Blessed day and remember...Keep Smiling....Love to you All!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

My Thrift Find

Oh My Gosh! I am thoroughly enjoying this weather today! There was rain last eve and behind it, a cold from from the north. High winds from the north west and a temp of 51 degrees, are the makings for some great weather today!
  My Mom called me this morning and said she was cold! I had to go and help her with her heaters. She never use the central unit, because she says when it goes off, she's freezing cold. So, we installed those natural gas heaters (the safe ones on the walls and she's satisfied with them).

Today, I thought I'd share a thrift find with you that I purchased well over 25 years ago, and still using it in my bunny bedroom with throws and pillows. The thrift store was the first in our little town, and of course, I was curious and went in to investigate. I remember the older woman there, aloof  but, watched my every move!

  I started to walk out when I spotted the rocker. There wasn't a tag on it so, I asked the price. She said in a reedy voice, "$50 dollars". I said ok and walked around looking at other things. She came up to me and said, "$40". I didn't respond. We kept this up until she said $20, and I turned and said, "Sold". That was my first buy and first of getting my feet wet at haggling!
  The old woman finally admitted she didn't have anyone coming in, I was her first customer! Then I knew why I got that great buy! Of course, I saw other things I wanted and continued to shop there. We became good friends, and she would think of me when she went out to buy.

I keep the wood polished to keep it from cracking. It is still in very good shape. Since I love to rock, I use it quite a bit. Ashley is always there with me. I tried to get a shot of him and he ran away. He doesn't lik the camera.
  Do you remember your first thrift purchase? Do you still own it? We would like to hear about your 1st purchase!

We hope you are having a great day and we hope your week is just as nice. Thanks for all your comments and most of all, our giveaway is coming soon, so keep visiting!
 Best Regards,

Monday, October 17, 2011

A Page From My To-Do Journal

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