Friday, May 3, 2013

More Photos Of My Porch & Garden

Hello and Good Afternoon Friends

                                                     click on Pics to enlarge
Did you enjoy our photos from yesterday's post? I mentioned I didn't want to post too many at once...(I think I might have gone overboard taking them). So, I'll keep posting until I'm done.
 These are the pics that I really want you to see! Remember the Azalea I rescued from the plumber in back of the house? 
Well, this is it...yes, it lives, even bloomed this far into the year! Imagine my surprise when I came onto the porch and saw the buds on it!

It wasn't long after that that blooms like these above, were showing all their beauty. I am so thankful to God for it.

I took some clippings from the ground cover that was taking over the low-wall on the west side of the property and re-planted it in this pot. It lives also!

My huge spider plant that grows in a back bed needed to be divided, so I put this one in a pot and it seems to be doing just as well as all the other plants. I really have been blessed with them all!

  This pic  above shows these plants on the porch. You notice the landscape timber on the porch? That's Miss Kitty's scratching keeps her from the wicker and cushions. 
Hey, it works!
  I'm sitting here with the heat on in the house...can you believe it? The temp dropped today and will continue to do so. Weather report stated we will have a record low in the 30's, some with frost Saturday morning! 
  Rain is gone but high wind from the north and low temps will remain. I know there are some of us experiencing unusual weather... there isn't anything we can do about it, so don't grumble... just endure it...after all, that's all we can do!
  Gotta run now, hey ya'll be good to one another and love your neighbors... Hope you have a nice weekend whatever you plan to do!  Thank ya'll for taking care of my Girl for me...told you you were some good people!!

Hold down the fort for me now,
James & Loretta

Thursday, May 2, 2013

An Update On Our Porch

   Good Afternoon, Happy May Days are Here! 
I have slowly been working on my yard gardens and everything else in between.  I took a few photos to show you what I've done so far. I don't know if I mentioned to you I am doing the work, so it will take me a while to get done. I have to work a little, then sit a bit...and it keeps on in this repetitive way, so I don't aggravate the dreaded fibro, etc. So far I'm doing well! 
  The rain is all I'm  dealing with now. But I'm not complaining because it is really helping my grass and garden. Enough of this said...time for you to click on the, My Lawn & Garden page up top underneath the blog title to see what I've done. 
  We are in for another round of rain and storms, then back cold again even the weekend. So, I can't work but when it goes away...I'l be back at it again! Thanks everyone...

Take Good Care...  And, Love You More!

Monday, April 29, 2013

What's For Dinner?

 Why, it is something quite simple, I call it... comfort food !  

  Hello all you good folks...yes, I'm cooking a meal again. James is finally getting his appetite back so now I don't have to toss away food that is not eaten.  

We both love Mac-n-cheese, who doesn't...having it for leftovers is even nicer.

I've mentioned before, we don't eat any red meat because of health however, with this meal we have the protein...   

It is a balanced meal.

Yeah, that's what it is...a good ole' Southern Pecan Pie!  I just took it from the oven before we sat down to start our meal. 
  I can hear some of you saying...  but, don't worry I can only have a portion...I know!
  I am sharing the pie with my Mom, Daun my oldest daughter and her family; who moved  back home to live from Tennessee.  (that was a mouth full.) 
Wouldn't you know it, I also had to share my mac-n-cheese with her because she has green peas to put with it. 
  I don't know which one of them is the happiest about my cooking again...Daun is always wanting something that I've prepared or, she just comes in and fix her plate.  Does this happen with you?

   I've loved visiting with you this evening. I sure hope you all have a lovely evening... come back to see us...pull up a chair and have some cake and coffee. Something is always cooking in our kitchen...

Wishing You A Joyous Week,

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