Friday, October 7, 2011

We've Reach 100 Followers!

Welcome, welcome to each one of you!
 I am sooo excited to have you here! Thank you for become our follower and we hope we have tons of fun and share as many ideas we can gather.

 You don't know how much you have touched our lives since this all started almost 11 months ago! Your friendship means so much to James, and especially to me. We love hearing about you and your family and sharing your lives with us. Thank you dear friends. And somewhere, somehow, we hope we have touched you in a similar way.

 Soon we will announce our next giveaway. Our selection was foiled because the company discontinued it. We are back to square one looking, but will have things back on track soon.

Thank you all so very much once again and we wish you all a great weekend with friends and family.

May the Lord's Rich Blessing be with you and yours' this Autum...2011!

Loretta & James

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Dining By the Books

Now that things have settled here at Loretta's house, I want all of you to know the Hubster is doing fine. I didn't really hurt him...MUCH! lol.
 He asked me to tell you he is sorry for upsetting the good things on my blog and for making me act up! Wow, what a crock! But, you gotta love 'em!

For most of us the formal dining room stands ready, neat and unused, day after day, night after night and month after month.

But, there is a unique way that can be changed...using the dining room as a library too! After all, the dining room  is an inviting space that can be used almost on a daily basis. Especially if it is spacious, it can be used for more than a few formal meals. Let's face it, our dining rooms can be the most wasteful space in our homes, right?

If you are a lover of book the way I am, it can be changed to a better use of space. The space above was designed for more than ocassional formal dining. It also serves as a library! The logical step was to create a space that would double as a library. The owner's hutch was removed and this beautiful floor to ceiling shelving unit was built for her huge collection of favorite books.
  This is also a good space for doing her extensive research where she is able to spread out using the round dining table. And when there are meeting scheduled with her staff, she also use this space. She can quickly changes over to serving snacks; luncheon or even dinner that evening. Isn't this a versatile use of a beautiful space?
If you look closer, you can see how this shelving also provides display space for her to tuck her most cherished art. When you create a multipurpose room such as this one, your lighting is very important. Dimmers can be added for mood lighting when dining and halogen recessed lights that are brighter for reading. You can also tuck little lamps in your shelving for lighting. Be sure to install plugs when building your unit.

There is nothing more soothing than having a little reading nook where you can curl up with your favorite novel and a nice throw on those chilly nights. So, carve out a corner space to add your favorite comfy chair. You can also push the dining table to the side to create this space. I love this space. It gives a whole new meaning to...dining in the stacks!

  Hope your day has, so far, been a successful one and you are enjoying the fall weather. Aren't we blessed to have the different seasons to enjoy? Keep Smiling and most of all...Keep Creating...Love to all!  Many Hugs!


A Page from My Journal

Please go to our blog #2 for this post, entitled There is Joy...Be Grateful. Click on the link at the top right of this page. Have a good day. Love you.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

OH My Gosh!

Oh My Gosh! Oh My Gosh! Oh My Gosh!
Oh My Gosh...I should have known, he was grinning like a hung-over hyena when I got home a while ago. I had no idea this is what he'd done!  How could he do this to me...He did not...he did not do this to me! How did he...

Ohhhhhh! You are in troubbbble yeah! Let me at 'em...Git in here you #$@^%&*/?"#! Let wait...

I'll show you not to mess with my computer you #&*/+@#%#*/
You better run fast cause...
That-a-teach you , you #%#@*+/"#%^&*+?#@ dirty scoundrel.
He'll be pickin' buck shot out til xmas, HEEEEEheeeeeeee! I love it when a plan comes together! I know that rascal ain't gonna sleep none tonight, cause I filled that backside with both barrels...serves him right!
Lordy, she show fixed me this time... I ain't never gonna mess with that ole' contraption again!

I don' tol' you over and over...don't start somethin' you can't finish... You old Goat!  Whee...I show feel good! Bet he'll leave me be for a spell after this one! Heeeeeeheeeeeeee!

(Scroll down to the next post to see what that pol-cat don' to me!)

Hey Ya'll Out There

This is the "Hubster", James here. Loretta went to shopping somewheres and I'm using her computer whilst she's gone.
  I just know hope that some of you will come over to my side and help me with...Loretta! Don't git me wrong now...she's a great gal...ain't afraid of love her, and she's the best dang cook this side of the Mississippi!
 But, that ole' gal loves to play tricks on me and she show knows how to git my goat! Sometimes, I feel like a buzzard caught on a highway with a dozen 18 wheelers. Ain't whinning mind you... cause...well, today is my time on this yer' blog thing!

This is what Loretta looks like in the morning before she prettys up! Heeeeeheeeeeeeeee! I know I'm a gonna git a lickin', but I'll have fun gittin' it! Heeeheeeeeeeee, Lordy mercy...this is way too cool!

Ya'll help a fella out now, yer' hear!

This is the "Hubster" signin' off!
Oh, PS, wait, or whatever the heck it is...I jus' want ya'll folks to know, I got me some good insurance! Heeeheeeeeeee...Lord I don' got chocked!

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Good Sunday Evening

Happy Autumn and a Beautiful October to one and all! This is my most favorite season of the year. The beauty of it speaks volume. There is so much to see, digest, enjoy, savor, inspire, and love.  There are Autumn Poems. (Click on the photos to view them enlarged).

Have a seat on an Autumn Bench

 And see the Autumn Trees

Oh what beautiful Autumn Leaves

 Who can resist the Autumn skies and the Autumn Night Moon

 How can we decorate without Autumn Gourds

 Or plenty of Autumn Pumpkins

There are all colors to arrange in an Authumn Theme

 What are Autumn tales without the fair Autumn Fairy

 And the not so scary Autumn Scarecrow

Let's all take a ride to see the breathtaking view of Autumn's splendor on a long Autumn Road

That will bring us back home to our Autumn cabin in the woods for a hot cup of cocoa. There is so much to see...the beauty of the Earth from the mountains, valley, and as far as the sea.

I have enjoyed this little tour and hope you enjoy it too! Wishing you all a Good Sunday Eve with family and friends, and that it extend into a wonderful week ahead. Many thanks for visiting with us! Always keep smiling, and don't forget to hugs your pets today! Love You!

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