Friday, January 18, 2013

From Our Second Blog

Good Evening Dear Friends,

  What a two weeks we've had with awful-cold weather. I'm happy to say, we have sun shining brightly, temp-57 degrees today!

  The pets are enjoying the warmth of it by soaking up rays from the windows. Miss Kitty is glued to the window watching birds and the remainder of leaves falling to the ground. Our lawn is awful... in desperate need of attention!
  Maybe I'll get some of the limbs and branches picked up Saturday if the temp is in the 60's as predict.

  I would like to thank you all for visiting and leaving comments... it really means a lot to have you doing so. I have been working on the Pet blog, which is coming along nicely; a big thank you to those of you who came over to join us. Actually, these blogs are really quite popular with pet owners!
  It gives them a chance to introduce their pets to others and write only about them. This is especially true of ones who are living alone with only a pet.  If you would like to join us, hop on over and introduce your furriends (cats/dogs) to us!
A Note To Vanessa, I am really protecting Lovey from Kitty's advances, however, most of the time when she has to go to her room...Lovey is free to do what she wants. Thanks for your concern...I mean it! 

Todays Post on my second blog ...

I have left an inspirational post on my second blog if you care to have a look...we all need encouraging words daily, and there aren't any better ones than from God's Holy Word...  Click Here  to carry you there.

Have I told you lately how much I appreciate your friendship? Well, I really do... so, if you get tired of my inviting you back, and all that other stuff...then, you know why! Lol!
  I'm going to take the weekend off...but I'll be visiting as many as possible this evening. Until then...

Keep Smiling and know you are loved & in our thoughts,

Warmest Wishes,
James, Loretta & the gang

Thursday, January 17, 2013

My Little Girl Lovey


It is so hard for me to get a nice picture of this little girl. Regardless to what I do/try, she always look away, close her eyes, or run away.
  She was the smallest of the litter, and was treated as an outcast by the others. The breeder asked me to keep her until they returned from a delivery.
  As you can see...we still have Lovey after all this time...and wouldn't have it any other way!
 I've mentioned her before,and posted a pic or two, but here's my little girl...not running away...or closing her eyes,
                                            Here's  Lovey!

Note: Miss Kitty is very jealous of Lovey, even diving on her back each time she gets the chance.
  Lovey is so friendly and loving, she doesn't do anything to Kitty, usually comes to me to be picked up!
   Yes, Kitty is a tormentor! Ever when Lovey goes to her crate to get away from her, Kitty jumps on top and poke her paws inside to aggravate Lovey.  She barks repeatedly... Poor Lovey....  Kitty has to go in the bedroom with the gate up! She hates it...

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Quick Photo Loading & Storage Tips

Good Morning,  A fellow blogger Vanessa from Fashion Dolls at Van's Doll Treasures posted very good information on the above subject today.
  We have all had so many problems and questions concerning this. I found her post to be helpful with great ideas. You can find her  here  I'm sure you will be able to find something helpful as I did.
  While you are there, look around. Vanessa loves dolls, and what she can see it in her work! Her photo-stories are wonderful. You'll find she creates her sets, builds, and the clothes are wonderfully made.
  Don't forget to leave a comment to let her know you've visit. You can also ask questions to which she would love answering.
Thanks for visiting today and don't forget to come back soon. Have a wonderful is cold here today 28 degrees...burrr!


Monday, January 14, 2013

Happy Monday

Hope you've had a nice day! How's your weather? Oh my, we are experiencing an awfully cold day...It has to be the NW winds, and the temp is still 32 degrees.
  I wanted to go out to take a few picture, but I think I better keep inside. This kind of  cold is very bad for me because of my health. I'm doing well and don't want to upset the cycle.

I thought I'd share a couple of pics with you since I can't go outside. This is a section of my living room. It has that bowling alley look, so I've broken it up into three areas. This is where I sit and read or, listen to music.

A close up of this area. Those two are my Poodles. The one on the left is Ashley... he passed away this past summer. It still hurts.

Because I am sizing pictures, this hutch is a large one, but if you look closer, you can still see inside.

This buffet is an old piece that I love, and it is on the opposite wall of the hutch. I have done a lot of thrift shopping over the years, and this is how I furnished our home. Although, I like simple...I tend to accessorize over.
  Now that we have Kitty, I have to try to keep her out of this room as much as possible, especially when she's alone. Slowly, she is learning but, what a chore, especially with a feline... Lovey and Amanda likes to come sit with us while we are here... It can be quite cozy on these cold nights. 

Miss Kitty and I send this rose to you and wish you a very
lovely evening. Thank you so much for visiting with us. Don't be a have an open invitation to come visit as often as you like... that's right open invite!

Warm Regards,

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