Thursday, December 27, 2012

Good Thursday Morning

To Everyone, how are you?
  We have had some interesting weather here the last few days. Snow all around us but missed us altogether, (ah shucks,)  however, it is awfully cold with the wind chill factor! Today the sun rays are breaking through the clouds and things seem to be a little brighter.
How's your day and your weather? Sure hope you are having a good one.  
 James sends his regards and says he really miss blogging, he can't seem to get back into things since his surgery. He's still on light duty, but doing ok at his job. I keep telling him things will get better...
  We went thrift shopping a while back, I need to get pics and post...I am so far behind with everything. I'm having a bout with Fibro and my terrible back, I haven't done too much, however it is a slow, very slow pace that I attempt to do anything. Hopefully when warmer days come, I'll be able to get going.

Speaking of get going...

  I think I have worked all the bugs out of the new blog and you should be able to get to it now. The link is here  . Although it is a "cat" blog, I really would like for you to follow/join us with your canines and/or any other furry-pet.
  We want all our friends and their pets to be with us, so if you haven't signed in to follow us, please do! Don't have a pet, that's ok, come on over and follow us anyway...we want you there! Soon, our competition will start and it is for the pets. I'll let you know when we will begin.

If you would like to learn more about the competition, please click, here .Thanks so much for stopping by today...we love having you here! Come back to see what we are doing... At Our House!

Best of Wishes To You & Your Family,
From all of Us

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

All The Best

Wishing You All a Happy Healthy and Prosperous 2013!

  "Welcome" to all, especially those of you who are our New Followers...we appreciate your being here!
 I'd also like to extend a "hardy welcome" to those of you who just stop by to visit...come back to visit and see what's happening at our house. Leave a comment just to say hello, you don't have to be a follower...

Don't forget...You are Always Welcome At Loretta's Home!

Best Wishes To You and Your Family,
From All of Us
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