Monday, August 12, 2013

Meet My Grand's From PA

Jason & Jacob 

                                                                             Jason J & Jacob

                                                            Jason Jr

                                                           My Grands

   They are all my grandchildren who lives in baby son's children!  Jada, the girl in the far left above is the only one we've seen in person and she was around 2-1/2 then. She's eight now!
  Jacob, the little one in the top pic with Jason Jr loves being with his brother and mimics everything Jason Jr does. See how he's looking up to him. Their mom took this pic so I could see how much they've grown and growing. She purchased these pj's about month ago!
  That's Jason Jr in the second pic with braids. He actually fights to keep his hair this length! No hair cuts for this one! Jacob tell him daily he looks like a girl!
  Julle, the hefty young one standing in the last pic talks about his weight, but insist on eating a large bag of chips and drinking a 2 liter soda with them in one sitting! 
   They were proud of their little pool because they set it up themselves... They even had a ladder set up in front. I thought it was so cute because of their improvising...the deck behind them is suppose to be the wharf out at the lake where they go fishing with their dad!  
  James and I have told our son... his family is large enough now...they will be adults before we meet them! However, if all plans stay together, we have planned a huge family gathering at the end of this year! 

 Christopher, our son in the Navy is on shore now, so he will finally be able to come home. There are two little girls of his we are eagerly awaiting to meet! We will be so happy to see them all!
     *We Wish You All A Very Happy Week!

*I will try to stop by to visit...I am still having eye problems... seeing double again! Please bear with me, I'm trying hard...
My Daughter will be around Sunday to help me!! 

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