Saturday, April 27, 2013

To You Our Friends

We wish you all a beautiful fantastic day! Are you enjoying your Spring? It has been very nice here in NW Louisiana. The weather is so unpredictable...we don't know from one-day-to-the-other if we should put the AC on or, build a fire.  
  Regardless, we are happy to be alive to enjoy everything the Lord gives. Thank you for visiting and spending a little time with are always welcomed. 

Have a Lovely Day!

Friday, April 26, 2013

Musings From Loretta

    We've had computer woes and had to get a repairman...  we are back!

  Is it me...or, am I wrong? What has happened to bloggers and blogging? Have we hit a snag; grew tired; run out of ideas...creativity? 
  Well, if you are experiencing one of these problems above, you are not alone. I've visited a number of blogs that I know of, and friends are expressing their lack of desire about blogging and their blogs. I've also noticed the lack of commenting/comments on blogs including my own! Speaking for myself, I know I don't always have a fly-to- post, but that shouldn't keep you from commenting. 

  Even if it is just a hello, or stopping by to say will let me know you still care. I have gone through so much with you guys, and you have been there for both of us. 

  Hey guys James here:  Ya'll know what, Loretta depend on you to pull her through the good and the bad. She's having it hard with illness know, those things you ladies go through at her age. 
 She had a B'day in March and hates mentioning it but, she's 64 now and each year it gets a little bit harder with the chronic pain for her. Bless her, she never complains, but you can see it in her face. 

  She loves the Miss Kitty blog, but misses you most. So, will you keep her company like you use too for me, then, when I get home I'll take over. She'll probably post 2 to 3 times a week now, but she visits a lot. This will give her something to do, while I'm at work. 

  Hey listen, I still say you are the sweetest bunch of ladies I've ever had the pleasure of knowing. Ya'll be good now, and have a Good Ole' Week...

Peace & Happiness,
James Here...
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