Saturday, March 12, 2011

I've Been A Little Busy

 Although I'm down, I'm certainly not out! I've been  taking care of small things around the house that need my attention. My babies were due a change; i've been putting it off for a long time, especially the head bands.
  Everywhere I go, it seems folks know my passion for dolls! I wrote a column about my love for dolls and stuffed animals, so this might be the reason why I keep getting them but, i'm not complaining! lol. I have all sizes, style, etc. I love dressing them in new and different clothes according to seasons and my mood.
 These little beauties are wearing some of my creations from patterns I copied (tried to, kept cutting, and cutting! lol) from my grand's dolls. Aren't they cute? Meme is the larger one and Janie, next to her in blue are the two my granddaughter, Carly, named when she was younger. Carly takes off their shoes, because she's always without her shoes! I suppose it's a Florida thing with her. lol
  In a future post we will show you the doll's update from their Jammies that we posted earlier. Have a good weekend, and don't forget to reset your clocks up Saturday night. This is spring forward time!
 Hugs and Kisses.

My cuties look so good in their new clothes

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Any Ideas...Help!!

I have this project that is driving me beans! I've tried, but without success to come up with a plan for this side of the porch! (The bush to the far left end are azalea and I want to keep these). I suppose I'm not or can't think straight because of this pain. So, I decided to bring it to the blog and ask my dear friends, "what would you do with this space?" The gardener has some methods and drastic suggestions that are so far off, it's crazy! lol.
  One point I can share with you: there were matching railings that were removed, and I still have them. I am clueless! Can/will you please share some of your brilliant ideas with me? We really could use fresh pairs of eyes. Thanks for any help you can offer. Luv-Loretta
I'm sorry, I forgot to mention, there is a white swing at the other end, and two large planters flank each side of the door. Also, there are two large white porch rockers, possibly to go in this space near the entry door. (My camera batteries died on Mom before she could get anymore pics.)

 Thanks again!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Check out blog #2 For Goodies

I have a good cooked cabbage and pics of some of my grand's. Click on the link to the top right to get you moving! Luv

Monday, March 7, 2011

My Dreary Garden

Have you even seen such a mess! I can't believe it myself. And to think, this is where I had the most bountiful garden last year. Yeah, I know you are laughing, especially wondering why the plastic jugs. Well, if you must know, the jugs were there to protect my food! The rabbits were eating  more than we were!
  I'm not a cruel person, but I about had it with those little critters! Imagine a full grown woman, crying like a fool and running rabbits out of her garden with a stick. Lord what a sight, especially when I fell and my backside was displayed to the busy highway in front of our house. When I heard a car horn blasting and some yelling...well, that did it! I set those jugs up on stakes, and put a motion light up on the side of my house. Sitting at my window at night armed with a cherry soda and a pb and j sandwich, I watches as them little suckers ran...away from my garden! "Who's laughing now?" I yelled, mostly for those who laughed at me. Laugh on...but I won!!
 Now, I'm at it again..wonder what critters I'll do combat with this year? I don't care...I'm ready!!! Watch for my progress. Luv-Loretta

   It may be a mess now, but wait and see! 

We Have A Winner...

This event has been an emotional whirl wind! But through it all let me tell you, I have had a ball! You are all winners in my book! Thanks so much for the wonderful support and participation in our first give-away!
  Our beautiful winner is:

Lady Jane of Our Cozy Abode! Congratulations Lady Jane. Please send me an e-mail with instruction for sending your win. Thanks again to all of you for showing the love and please know, this is not the extent of our give-aways now that I've gotten my feet wet. lol. There will be more goodies for you! lol. Please keep in touch and let me know you've stopped by and I will definitely do the same! We will have more to share and hopefully something useful for you and your family. Please check out our blog #2 and meet some of my beautiful grandchildren. You are all truly "The Cats Meow" lol.
May God Bless! With Warm Regards, Luv-Loretta


Sunday, March 6, 2011

Good Afternoon To You All!

Our give-away closes at 12AM! If you haven't entered to win, please do so! We are anticipating an exciting draw. Thanks for your interest in our blog. Luv-Loretta
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