Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Random Musings from Loretta

    Are there times when you feel the weight of the world on your shoulders? I get these feelings and it's like out of a world of laughter suddenly I am sad...my soul becomes deeply troubled. My spirit ...and I know my spirit well...I can feel it's weakness. Like that cloud in the picture above, the darkening tries to cover what's good and beautiful within me. Do you have those days, those times when the dark moods, the anxieties, or life's problems tries to take over, pull you into a self-pity funk?
   I feel this way sometimes and if you would be brutally honest with yourself, so have you at times. It's nothing to hide or hide from, but what you do next is the key. Seemingly, my fight to pull myself up and out is just too, too hard. The conflict inside grows and tries to overwhelm me.

    But, when I stare back up at those clouds, I see gleams of sunlight boasting it's power to conquer the dark skies that tries to take it over. I wonder...can I do this too?" How can I grab hold of that energy, that power?  Do I have it within me to allow the gleam of my sunlight , myself, my soul to conquer this darkness that's trying to overtake me?
    I reached within the depths of my soul and tried with all my might. Then, from my lips I heard,  "Oh God I am trying; I am trying Lord, but my might is futile." As I sit there in utter silence, deep within the recesses of my mind, I hear a sound. What is it? I mused. Is it a voice? Yes. "Take my hand."
"I can't, I can't do it." I heard the words as they left my lips. "Take my hand child!" The voice now clearer and stern.
    Suddenly, my eyes opened, tears filled them and ran hotly down my cheeks. My heart, my soul quickly filled with strength and love. Words formed for me to speak, but it was as if they didn't pass my lips. "I wish to my Lord Jesus." I said. "But I can't. Please, please take my hand precious Lord!" As the words flowed from my lips, I immediately became refreshed...my spirit was lifted! The darkness; the pit, the conflict were all behind me as I felt my spirit lifting and strengthening me...and when I stood upon my feet, with a tearful voice, i said, "Thank you dear Lord. Thank you! What, Father, would I have done without you!"
    When you are down, when you have troubles and things that are overwhelming; nothing seems to bring comfort and calm your heart...then pray, pray to the Lord...and listen...listen to the whisper of His voice as He comes to your aid! Don't be too quick to reject it, because you felt He didn't give what you asked for.  Trust in Him to know what you need, even though you don't know.
   He knows our heart and we should never doubt or be afraid of Him. Hebrews 13:6 IN-tells us in part: So we say with confidence, "The Lord is my helper; I will not be afraid."  We should always draw comfort from the Scripture and pray...pray for help and guidence. Yes, He is the Hearer of Prayers...there is no other!

Sunday, June 26, 2011

What's For Sunday Dinner

Good Sunday to Everyone! This is a very heavy Sunday dinner I prepared today. It reminds me of my late grandma, who was French, born in a small town in South Louisiana. She was a very good cook and well known for it.

Meal consist of: greens, potato salad, candid sweet potatoes, pork bones and cornbread
   What was really unique was her way of cooking meat! I could never get her to tell me her secret. She would go to the butcher and ask him to cut her soup bones, either beef or pork. Then bring them home and cook them, and you thought you were eating a choice cut of beef! I kid you not...they were absolutely delicious.
   We all said it could have been her stove. You see, she cooked on a woodburning stove until the mid-eighties. I was partly right thinking this way, because I have her old woodburning stove today!
   One day while she was cooking, I distracted her by talking a lot, constantly watching as she seasoned some pork soup bones. She'd poured her seasonings into small glass jars with corks as lids. They were not labeled so, I didn't know what they were. I continued watching  and when she rubbed vinegar into the meat after the dry rub, I thought that was the secret.
   I kept the conversation going and just watched her. When the pot was put on the stove, she added a little water just to cover the bottom of it. Food cooks fast on this stove and in just a short while, she added what is referred to here in Louisiana as the "trinity"...chopped celery, onions and bell peppers to the pot with a smashed clove of garlic. This cooked down and browned. Worcestershire sauce was added and cooked a little then a little water was added and she stirred as the pot yield all of its goodies at the bottom. Shaking the pot, allowed the juices to coat the meat and veggies in the pot.
  The smell was unbelieveable! But the taste was, oh my goodness, out of this world! The kids use to say, "make you want to slap your momma". I keep trying different seasonings but I have not prefected her recipe yet! Hopefully I'll find the secret ingredient missing from my pot.
  Hubby tells me I'm a close second and mine are good too. Unbelievable, because he's always asking, where's the meat? I want meat, not bones! Ugh...that man!

   Well, ya'll have a good Sunday, and I hope your Sunday dinner was a good and appreciated one too!
Let me know what was cooking in your kitchen today...I want to be nosy....
Oh my! I'm so busy being nosy, I forget my dessert. Now, this is very light. And, easy to make.
This is simply vanilla and chocolate pudding with whipped topping, cookies and strawberries.

It too is delicious! Enjoyed your visit with us. Come by and see us again soon. We love having you here!  Good Day!  Loretta
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