Thursday, September 29, 2011

In My Kitchen

Happy Fall Ladies, What kind of day are you having? Hope it has been a lovely and busy one... creating, cooking, baking, sewing, etc. I decided to do a little cleaning in my kitchen today. It seems things can get rearranged quickly here. I like for things to be in a certain place so, when I need it I can reach for it in its place. Of course, hubby doesn't think so...or, well that's a whole new story that I will not get into at the moment. LOL
  First, let me tell you we got rain yesterday! We are so happy here. Don't think i'm  crazy because we finally got rain but, this means the fires are no longer a threat...too many have lost everything they owned, and timber loss...thousands of acres destroyed!  What will this mean for the lumber industry?
  With this  rain, things are beginning to look a little green again. How blessed we are?

Before I got started with the cleaning, I prepared a bowl of cereal and fruit with a cup of coffee for breakfast. In a previous post, I was asked if I prepared a big breakfast all the time. Now, you see I  ~do~ eat light every morning, but not all times when hubster's here! LOL.

I've never post this table before that i'm using as an island because it always shows too dark. You only see the top of it when I'm cooking. However, this morning I used all the lights in the kitchen and breakfast area and opened all the blinds. This gave me better light! I have no intentions of painting it. I had it professionally built by a carpenter in St Petersburg, Florida about 20 years ago.
  I wanted it larger, but my kitchen there was too small for the larger size table. Now, I need it larger in this kitchen, nevertheless, it is used much! I bought the stools at an unfinished furniture store and he stained them for me. There are four of them.

I don't plan to renovate soon, because I'm enjoying the retro feel of my kitchen! I can use all bright and lively colors here. The island fits perfectly and this is where we spend most of our time. We eat together here. The babies are comfy here too. Sometimes I have to make them leave so I can have room to move around.

I love rolling out cookies, and pie crust. It seems so easy to gather all my things in one place to keep me from making so many steps. We pay bills, write notes, send cards, even read the newspaper here. We love it!

As you can see, we can also store those appliances that are too tall or bulky for the cabinets. We also have the fur-babies food stored there for convenience. It is such a roomy kitcken...when the children come home for the holiday, they will all gather right here with us! After all, the kitchen is the heart of the home, right?

Hope you are having some nice fall weather! Our temp today will be 100 degrees! The weather foecaster says this will be the last day for three-digits and temps should be in the 80's the rest of the week.  What can I say...this is the South and we certainly can't change it!  Take Care! Be good to yourselves and most of all...
Keep Smiling! Love You!


Tuesday, September 27, 2011

I Need 6 More Friends

Yes, that's all we need, 6 More To Reach 100 Followers! Come on now, I know you stop by...why not stay a while and join us...become our follower! Just click on the join icon and follow the directions.  That's all you have to do. We'd love having you here!

"Yeah, come on over so I can check you out! Do you have kibble-snacks...well bring some for me...I'll be waiting at the door. And make sure you knock and wipe your feet. I don't like humans tracking up the floor, meow"!  Now, Jasper, don't be nice to our blogger-friends!

Don't mind him he's a little protective of me and the blog. Thinks he owns it and me!

  Remember friends, only 6 more and we'll be at the 100th mark! And, Jasper and the other babies are helping me to pick out some really nice goodies for the giveaway! 
"Yeah, I picked out some cool kibble-snacks for ya...come back to see me...oh, us, meow"! 

That cat...always want center stage. LOL! Have a good rest of the week!  Luv
    Loretta and Jasper

My Favorite Colors and Things

Good Morning, Our Blog #2 holds the answer to "My Favorite Color". Click on the link athomewithlorettaonline at the top right of this page. Enjoy!

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Good Sunday Morning!

Hello, hope all is well with you and yours'. I was out on the lawn early this morning and found these beauties down on the back side of the property. I am ashamed to say I haven't ventured back there yet because it is so overgrown and I was afraid of what I would encounter. I went to the edges, and peeked over in there and was amazed.
  It is evident this was once a beautiful secret garden! When the weather changes and gets colder, then, I will try to start clearing out the debris. Louisiana has the dreaded water moccasins here and these are deadly snakes. I give them all due respect and stay out of their way, especially since these is a small creek running back there. They are beautiful lacy flowers.

I'm so happy all the overgrowth wasn't captured in the photos. I had to push the camera through the thick of it, then stoop down to get the shots, but it was worth the effort. The floor of it is almost free because of the dryness and lack of rain.
 This last picture, these flowers were growing around this tree. I don't  know the name. Can you help me out? They are in several places, seemingly around a bush or tree. I love this space and will definitely keep you posted when I start the clearing out process.
  Wishing you a grand day, and hope your time together today for worship is also.
Love to you all!

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