Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Fun Down South On Cane River

I wish I can say it was fun in the sun...not in this sun! It is extremely  hot here and has been for days! In some Parishes, the temp exceeds 110 degrees. Factor in the indices and this fells like 128 degrees... Wow!
  The family managed to spend time outside after showers came and cooled things. Just a few pictures, more later if I can gather them, not very organized lately. Please click on the photos to enlarge. Thanks!

The young man above is Reshard, little Braylon's dad

Here's Braylon...he is his daddy's son, huh?

My Mom, and Reshard... she was his caregiver when my sister and Arthur, (who passed away) worked.
She played softball, football, rode the four wheeler with him ...she did it all! They have a special bond.

This is my fourth sister's daughter, Kisha, and Kisha's daughter, Bre

This is Kisha's sister Jackie with her son Aiden. Aiden is our "special" little boy. In spite of all odds, little Aiden has exceeded all expectations! His next hurdle...walking! He is two years old. Jackie is an exceptional Mom! They came from Washington State to the gathering.

 This is just one of the old oak trees... they are over one hundred years old. This is a beautiful place where my sister Patricia  built their home.

Above...a shot of the River, and below, some of the family boating.

They all wore black and white and despite the heat, had a nice time Friday -Sunday! We are all looking forward to December, hoping everyone can come home! 
  Thanks for visiting us today and stop by again to visit. Hope you have a great evening...keep cool!

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  1. Hi Loretta, Your family is lovely. The little one is a doll. Thanks for sharing a part of your life.

  2. What a fun get together. Beautiful family.

  3. Loretta your family is so nice looking! What a beautiful place you all live in. Its been very hot here too in Indiana, I think I could have raised cotton this year as early as our Spring was. I am from TN around Memphis but have always loved the area where you live, its so different and I love the food! Have a wonderful week!

  4. Looks like a fun time was had. Love that old tree!

  5. Lovely family gathering... In spite of the heat!!! :-)

    Gentle hugs,


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