Monday, July 30, 2012


                                             Achieving Happiness!

Weigh in on this one: " What Do You Believe Stands Between You And Complete Happiness"? Thanks for your views!


  1. 3000 miles. (my grandchildren are that far away!)

  2. I agree with you...all eleven of mine are far away...California, PA, Fla.
    It has been a struggle for both of us, because four of them we haven't met!

  3. Dear Loretta, That is a deep question.
    I try to take one day at a time and enjoy each one at a time. Hope all is well. Blessings to you and James. Catherine xo

  4. Nothing! I am finally totally and completely happy. Of course being cancer free would be nice, but I could die tomorrow happy, knowing that I'd finally reached my goal of being completely happy.

  5. Hello My Friend, You have always been an inspiration! I admire your outlook on life, always! In my heart, truly, I knew this would be your response! Love to You Dear Vanessa!


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