Thursday, January 31, 2013

Happy Thursday

Hello, Not a good day for me here...I have the old flu bug! It started out fighting as if not to give me a chance to fight won!
  I wanted to post before it gets the best of me and if you don't hear from me, then you'll know why, ugh! 

Following the signs:

"What does your JOY look like today?" I'm curious to know how we each individually define/recognize JOY.

Now, It's your turn:

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

My Camellias

Our 2013 Camellias, although had a hard time from the start because of the constantly changing weather, have faired well.

They are full of  large buds, and are holding on much better than last year. The back-to-back cold days really helps.
These shots are of the red and pink ones...I like them both.
  We had trouble with our sewage lines yesterday, and the plumber had to rip out three of my large pink azaleas bushes. The roots on them burst ( grew) down into the pipes, and it was a tangled mess.
I stood there cringing with tears in my eyes, when they came out of the ground. However, not to be out done, I went out to look at them and found most of the root system is in tact.
  I will be digging after the rain tomorrow to get them back in the ground. Hopefully I will be able to save them this time of the year with more cold to come.
  A nasty storm is pushing through and i have to shut down, fierce lightning!

Thanks for stopping by,

Monday, January 28, 2013

A Thought Provoking Question

Most of the time, if not all, I can answer these questions with a spiritual answer. Simply put, it is the way I feel, think and reason on a subject matter.

Photo from Bing 

Deep thought provoking questions have an immediate effect on the mind once a powerful question has been introduced to the will immediately mobilize itself to find an answer.

Ralph Waldo Emmerson wrote, "When we arrive at the question, the andwer is already near."

  Today, let's start with a simple question...about your likes.

Tell us please: "What song always make you Happy when you hear it?"
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