Friday, April 20, 2012

Update On James

Hello, James has made it through quadruple bypass and is in ICU. The breathing tube has beed removed and he is responsive but in a great deal of pain. Doc says all went very well and he hardly bled at all which amazed everyone!
  How great our God is! Everyone there said it had to be God's handd in it. Thank you all for your thoughts and prayers and we wll bring more to you as we ca. Surgery started 4PM Thursday evening and ended around 8PM that night. Doc was visibly exhausted!
  I am good and remarkably, held up very well! Until then with more updates....
Love, Loretta

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

The A to Z Of Us

Hello... How are you this pleasant morning? We are doing ok too!
 I have written a post on our blog 2 I'm sure you will like to read about the two of us...nothing fancy, just little things. Read them at: Have a beautiful day!


Monday, April 16, 2012

Good Morning Dear Friends

It seems as if I have been away for months, but I know it has only been days. I hope today you and yours' are well and your experiencing much peace and happiness!
  I see Vonetta posted for me and I am happy that she gave you an update. She, and Dawn have been so supportive and helpful to the both of us. I don't know what we would do without them. Importantly, I can't forget my Mom...she has truly been helpful keeping us uplifted with her encouraging words, and cooking healthy meals for James...truly a Blessing in so many ways! 
  I simply can't forget to mention how very much you all are appreciated for your loving, wonderful thoughts and can't begin to know how much they are welcomed and very much appreciated. Thank you all for your support and love!

 Our prayers have given us peace of mind and a contentment I can't begin to explain. When I started to adhere, and to feel God's spirit, I found this little quote above that helped both of us.
  You know how you allow your mind and heart to over-think things...this is something I'm very guilty of, and you never obtain peace within. When I read this, it all fell into is self-explanatory, right?
  James has gained so much from the visits received from fellow christians, friends and acquaintances...he too, is ready for what's to come this thursday. My main goal was to get him to this point... our Lord answered this prayer by giving us the time to do so...isn't it remarkable how, in His merciful and loving ways, He can set things straight for us! We are truly blessed to have such a Great God...praise Him!
  James and I extend our love to each of you and may you have peace and love...Thanks again for all your love!

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