Saturday, February 11, 2012

Breakfast For Two

Top of the Morning to All of You, 
If I sound a bit elated today, it could be that I am. For the first time in a long while, I was finally able to get an entire nights' sleep. 

I felt so relaxed, and rested. I'll get into that later. First, this beautiful breakfast was my surprise to Hubster in bed this morning. These are homemade waffles, with maple syrup, fresh fruit, crisp bacon and hot coffee.

He was surprise...and for the first time I think he was so surprise it left his speechless...a first let me tell you!

  It was such a privilege for me to do this, since he has done so much for me for a while. It made me feel warm and fuzzy to see his eyes light up. While we shared our meal, I related to him how I was able to sleep a full night.
  Those chores that I had on my to do list, kept me busy Thursday and Friday, although I didn't finish the list. Between the times I worked toward finishing one task and sitting, then alternating this way, I was thoroughly exhausted last evening. I had a hot bath, took my meds, then went to bed earlier than usual.
  I slept the night up and took a hot shower and felt as if I could cook breakfast. Thus, my Hubster got breakfast in bed today! Oh, I know not to push it, so I'm taking it slow. 

 Hubster and I hope you have a beautiful Saturday, and your day filled with Joy! Thank you so much for your support and love...we
deeply appreciate your kindness. Many {{{{{{Hugs}}}}}! 


Friday, February 10, 2012

Happy Friday Ladies

Good Morning Beautiful Friends, 
  Hope your Friday has been a wonderful one so far! A basket of hugs to all of you!

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Thursday's Musings

I'm not an early riser however, I awoke at 5AM today and couldn't get back to sleep so, I stood up slipped on my robe and slippers, then went to the kitchen to start the coffee. When I checked the fur-babies they were still asleep...I smiled when I saw all four of Lovies legs in the air and heard her snoring. She is too cute!
  Ashley smelled the coffee brewing as usual, came in stretching to go out to potty. I made both of us cinnamon toast, (yeah, he loves it too) then we curled up in my recliner where I finished my coffee and read my morning Bible text. 
  Ashley had fallen back to sleep when the sun eventually started to rise. I looked out my window and watched as the brilliant colors
peeked from the east. Isn't it an awesome to behold from our Creator?

 I know it promises to be a beautiful day. The rain is gone and the temp had dropped to a cold 39 degrees. That is so much better than the hot 80 degrees we've experienced.  
  I have chronic pain and there are times when the change in the weather makes it almost unbearable. I'm not there today so, I've decided to do some of the chores that really need my attention.
  Changing beds is really hard so, before James went to work, he pulled the sheets and brought them to the laundry. All I have to do is load them. However, I still have the bed to make that we slept in.
  Standing for long periods are painful also so, I've loaded the dish washer to do the dishes. I have to do a little at a time, then sit for a bit and start again. This keeps me from going down completely. 
  The refrigerators needs to be emptied, the ovens can use a bit of cleaning; the floors mopped, and vacuumed because the pets have tracked badly. I try wiping the mud from their paws when they come back in but Hubster doesn't. I use the duster and keep things dusted at lease three times a week. This chore is easy for me. 

  The sky is already filled with beauty, however, I'm not progressing  as much as I thought I would. It has been slow going. Seemingly, it gets harder with each passing year. I don't take meds anymore because none of them work...I've tried them all! Now, I refuse to keep putting drugs into my body without results. 
  I've been told I now have a high tolerance to pain...I beg to differ.
Doc prescribed Tramadol, small results! I'm leery of this one because of the addictive factor. I have struggled through it this long...with each year getting harder, I must continue to put my faith and trust in God to continue on this road. However, I wouldn't want another's life...especially not knowing what they are going through!
  You see, I was born with degenerative  disks...spondelothesis... sorry I've misspelled it, and can't get up for the medical book. All of this is pressing against my nerves and I have nerve damage in my legs and feet. I've refused a 50-50 chance surgery. I can at least move around now, but could be in a wheel chair after surgery. On top of this I have the big Fibro. How do I know the outcome of the surgery? 
  My Mom's sister has the same problems...she is in this fix now and in even more pain after her surgery! Too, my doctors in Florida were very forthcoming with me...I wouldn't have it any other way! 
  Why am I telling you all of this? When Hubster tells you I'm not feeling well, this is when I finally give in and have to get bed rest, the only thing that helps my body to heal when I've harmed it! 
  This is when Hubster gets to do all the posting...he loves it! And, so do see him have fun, and connecting with all of you. He is such a good, gentle and humble soul. We do love the other more with each passing year.
  I'm sorry this is such a long post, I don't usually do this however, I felt like reaching out to you today! I will visit later to say hello. 
Smile...its good for you!

Have a Beautiful Day!

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

212 Posts!

  I certainly hope your Wednesday has gotten off to a wonderful start! I want to Thank our New Followers and Welcome you to
"At Home with Loretta". We are sure to have so much to share and talk about. Doesn't it give you a Warm and Fuzzy feeling to meet New Friends? Welcome, welcome to all of you!
  Not counting this post, we have exceeded 200 post! I told you I am long-winded! lol. Thank you all so much for your support and showing us love for our first year! 
  Most things do not impress the Hubster, he's neither here nor there, but blogging has stirred new beginnings within him. I think we will have to get him his own, very soon! Yeah, I have to restrain him from mine! (Don't beat me up ladies, I'm thinking about decorum... that's all!) lol.
  There can be no others that I'll rather call Friends, for you are all the epitome of true friends and friendship. I am thankful for having the opportunity of meeting so many from all over the world. That's truly amazing, especially your creativity...Wow, you are awesome!
  I certainly hope you are having a creative day, and you are well. I know some of you were a little under the weather...hope you are feeling better. Take Care of yourselves! 
  I have to spend some time with Mom today, so I'll visit with you later in the day. I try to comment on as many blogs as I can however, if I've missed you lately, I'm sorry. I have had to go through emotional pain with my sister, she's #4...married 30+ years and her mate decided to ask her to leave, without anything! What a mess... 

 Wishing you all Peace and Happiness,

Monday, February 6, 2012

A New Friends Connect

  Good Monday Morning Ladies. Did you get enough Football last eve? I have to confess, I didn't deviate from my Sunday programming. 
I don't watch much TV however, the programs that I do watch are on the PBS station and are all from the BBC. Hubster started to watch the game but, when I went into the kitchen, I heard Downton Abby on his TV...What a surprise!'s what I wanted to share with you. Google is changing its friends connect altogether. A group of blogger gals got with  Brent Riggs, the owner of Linky followers, and he is offering their friends connect to bloggers free. It is said to surpass all the rest. 

  If you are interested and want to join before all the changes occur, here is the link:
Sign up is easy. Too, you can view this blog and go to the Linky followers site from here. 
  Another advantage: you are able to get more followers...reaching out to a larger audience. Check it out and while we visit each other we will be able to follow you on Linky if you chose to do so!
Hope you all Have a Beautiful and Happy Monday. Take Care...

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Happy Super Bowl Sunday Ya'll

Life is Good...Are You Ready For Some Football!

 Hot Wing!

                                                                                            Photo from Bing
Super Bowl Party food...Yum! Happy Super Bowl Sunday...May the best Team win! Ya'll have FUN. 

Enjoy the Game!
James & Loretta
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