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Before Photos

The  porch in these first 3 pics are before the start of clean-up.. Pollen had to be an inch thick on this porch. We gave it a good pressure washing.

And, worked on the yard removing all the leaves, branches and other debris...

The After Photos

I didn't want to share too many of the photos at once...this is the left side of the porch...the highest side. I positioned the wicker furniture on this side near the stairs coming up from the drive...

The 2 large rockers are just beyond this seating area and near the front entry door...

The table holds an arrangement my Mom made for me last summer. After a bit of attending, it is beginning to perk up!
The arrangement can be removed from the tray so drinks and/or snacks can be placed there for serving. I've stored magazines, games and other reading material for guest on the shelf below...

This is the small set on the right side of the porch, the lowest and where I replanted the pink Azalea from the back garden. Potted plants are all around also. 
  We still have more work to do to get all needed done. Good thing I was able to get this bit done because we have had company already. It seemed as if they all were just waiting for us to get things cleaned, cleared and arranged so they could have a turn to sit on our porch! 
Our next posting will show you more as we progress toward finishing our projects. Let's hope the weather allows us to continue...more rain in the forecast!

     I have some pics to share with you...there will be a lot so I'm going to shut my mouth and let the show begin...
  The first seven pics were taken around 5:30 AM last Saturday in the rain! Click on them to enlarge. Some of the last ones are at their size!

These shots on a cloudy day were nice. This is our Dogwood with different colored Azaleas surrounding it!

On back of the house are these Pink Azaleas 

The right front corner of the house these red and whites have grown together and show very well.

These white ones are from the huge bush below. I am waiting until after blooming to trim all of them back.

Next pics are different shots of the front

A front shot shows how they look from the form!


This one shows the drive/carport. That's another post

These two are the Azaleas on the right from the back side

 close up of them

The pic above is of one of the Azalea that we saved when the plummer had to pull them out.

Rainy shot of Dogwood tree. The next seven photos are ones from my family home. Everything here also needs trimming!

   We still have much to do because of the winter storms that left so much behind. I'm waiting on the repairman to finish the railings for the porch...then getting it done. 
 I've decided to go with containers instead of will be so much better for me to handle! 
  We sure hope you enjoyed this faze of our gardens. We still have the Summer gardens! Hope your green thumb brings joy and beauty to your home!

Until then...
 James & Loretta

    The weather here in our-neck-of-the-woods is just as unpredictable as the weather where you live. Whereas, you are dealing with much snow; we have had freezing lows 
and who knows highs. I don't remember weather changes being so uncertain in the past. My Gramp had the ability to cultivate, plant, etc., each year without any hindrance. 

The bulb plants didn't show well at all this year. I'm sure either squirrels or moles got busy on them. However, it could have been the lack of care. 

  There definitely were fewer crocuses and daffodils from their random plantings this year. These are from the older gardens at the family home whereI moved from. 
This is the price I've paid for leaving them to a tenants' care.   
  The azaleas here at this home, started blooming in February... they are having a hard time deciding what to do with the weather changes. Blooms have fallen off and they just do not look healthy.  I'm afraid their awesomeness will not be witnessed this year. 

   In an earlier post:  Spring Is Definitely Here , I mentioned how awful our lawn and gardens are now. I went out in the rain last Saturday to take a few pictures to see what all has to be done. Oh my, will I be able to do it alone?  Here are some of those shots. Click on pic to enlarge if you'd like...

  Right off, a lot of work with the power saw is really needed. I was told by a a tree man from NY, who commented on this blog, these trees were hundreds of years old...they look that way too, and I was also told by  someone local they were old and would have to come down. Before I can attempt to have that done, the city will have to approve their removal. Then, a licensed tree surgeon will have to be sought., ugh!  

All shrubbery will have to be trimmed and flower beds redone. My plan is to lay in a couple more. I'm a seed saver, and I have seeds that I saved of plantings from my Gram's old cottage garden. On the left side of the house, the drive and garage...I'll show this side in another post. 

 I'm excited about these plantings...seeing them in my garden, knowing it is from my grandparents gardens.

   This is the right side, extending the side to the back. Oh, just look at how it's overgrown...the grass on the lawn is growing too! The area beyond the azaleas, is the garden where a creek runs in back of. 
  I couldn't clean it last Spring because they were drilling back there, and the snakes were so bad, I was afraid. Rattlers...cooper-heads and mosquito just to name a few hazards, are always around water here in the South and very dangerous! 
  When I had it cleared the man charges me so much more money because of the snakes. I used this area in the fall when everything was gone for a nice sitting area. It gives me chills just thinking about what was there before!

The vines/ground cover has started to climb up the sides of the house. I keep them cut down because they damage the mortar in the bricks. These azaleas are on the right corner of the front porch. The red, white and dark green are beautiful together.

In the picture above, is one of the pink Azaleas the plumber had to remove when we had plumbing troubles. I mentioned it in this post:  My Camellias  I replanted it here on the right side of my porch to give it balance on each side. I need to go to the old home to pick up pine straws and put them around the azaleas bush for nutrients, etc.

   It was raining a little when I snapped these pictures, then started to pour before I could get  more shots. I know I will not have all of this work done before these flowers stop blooming so, I will post my last season blooming next with what I have now. 

Watch for future postings of our progress in ...Loretta's Gardens...

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  1. Loretta, your garden is gorgeous. So much beauty. What a delight. Thank you sharing your green thumb. Have a wonderful Sunday.


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