Saturday, April 23, 2011

Burgers For Lunch

   Thought I would show you what we're having for lunch today. I've started in the new house, tearing out carpet. We discovered hardwood floors underneath and I'm elated! I've decided to work slow and do as much of the cosmetics as I can handle, then if needed, we will hire a handyman.    How do you like your burger?  This one is a sausage burger. I might have mentioned before, I don't eat beef, so I use sausage, ground turkey and chicken.
   I have to have it laid just so, with mustard on the bottom bun, pickles, lettuce, onions, tomatoes, the meat then more lettuce and mayo on the top bun. And, of course a picke on top with fries, and hot peppers. Importantly, my cherry Dr Pepper! As my Dad use to say, "This is some good eatin!"
  Well, back to work, and I wish you all a Happy and Peaceful Day! Hugs!

Friday, April 22, 2011

Loretta's Giveaway Prize

  Hi everyone, hope this day has been a Blessed one for you. I finally got out of the house to get some shopping done. My intentions were to drive to Shreveport 50 miles out to shop at Belk Dept. Store to catch their hot jewelry sale, 70% off!  However, I got held up and was running about 45 minutes late for everything! So, after taking care of my pending appointment, I ended up shopping at Bealls here at home and caught their 70% off sale which wasn't as good! I 'd rather Belk, but, this is the way it happened.
  First, the prize for naming my two new dolls that my son sent me from PA. I have a set of 5 bracelets actually bangles for the one who give these doll appropriate names. They are dubbed 'kissing cousins".

The contest ends May 3rd and I'll post the winner May 4th. Come on now, let's see some more names, I'd love to give these beauties to one of my friends! (Click on all the pics to see them better).



   Now, for that project I've been working on.  Let me tell you, this was the worst time ever! We were working with so many people on getting this loan, sending this and sending that, we almost gave up!

  Then, on the day of closing, this past Monday, can you believe this, there wasn't a closing! After having all of these people working on this loan app., they made so many mistakes, until the Mister told them to forget it!
  Well, that about shut that down...but leave it to me to save the day, those folks got busy and all of that paper work was redone in less than one day after having to wait...3 months to get it done!
  Today, we were promptly at the Credit Union at 9:30 a.m., but, we had to wait on the room where we could have privacy! Those folks never came out of that room, so, not to be outdone; because I told them this wouldn't do, we pulled up and went to the realtors office, bless her heart!
 After signing our lives away and a couple of our grand's to boot, she's ours! This is our new home!

  If this is any indication of what they have done to the system, then I feel for those coming after us to buy a home. This system is awful. But, patience paid off in the end, when over ten thousand was deduct from our paper work!
  We were bless and we are happy! Never under estimate the power of prayer, plain good sense and good old-fashioned reading, writing, and arithmetic! LOL.
  My Mom's home has structural damage that's too costly to repair, so we decided to buy our own. The family is undecided what steps they want to take next. But, somehow, we plan to save her from a tear-down!
 Have a Happy and safe Holiday and if you don't hear from me, I'm moving!  Luv to all!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Don't Forget About Our Giveway Ya'll

  I need names for my two new kissing cousins my son sent me from PA this morning! I haven't gone out to shop for my token of appreciation gift, but when I do, I will post it for the best/approprite names for my babies. Please check out blog #2's link at the top right of this page.
Also, Thank you Diann for the Purex with Zout detergent coupon. I received it from the mail today.

  This giveaway is now open and goes until May 3rd. Announcing the winner, May 4th, so come on over and let me see some real good names.  Love you all!

Name My Kissing Cousins Dolls, Giveaway!

Check out blog 2 and name my new kissing cousins doll! Starting now, until May 3rd. The best names chosen...this friend will receive a token of my appreciation. Will post it soon. Help me to name my new dolls. Have a Happy Week.

Thrift Shopping- A Few Pieces Found

Good Tuesday Morning. With the uncertainty of weather, I seriously hope you are safe and out of harms way. However, our forecast is turbulent weather later today. We pray all will be safe.
  I mentioned earlier, something we were working on, but don't want to talk about it just yet. So many things have happened, I'm afraid to talk about it! It is nothing harmful, rather a good thing for me, but the stress is awful! I'll let you know when I know for sure. A little mystery, heh?
  I have a few pieces to show you that I picked up the other day. They are mini blue-n-white pieces, but I love them and how I can fit them in vignettes.  The pieces are marked hand-painted Delft Blue with a copyright sign and the initials D.A.I.C. My attempts at getting a shot of this was futile as you can see.
  First, the little hand painted box with the eggs and chicks. I rescued this from Moms throw-away bag and rubbed on a little white paint, then off again to get rid of the scuff marks. I then added the eggs and chicks, I think it is so cute.
  Then, the decorative hand-painted  trunk...I've had for a few years. I found it in a little shop in Valdosta Georgia. You might have seen it in other shots in my home. But, what you haven't seen, there are three of them! They weren't too expensive, but more than I wanted to pay!

The two cows are a set of salt and pepper shakers. The mini bathroom fixtures are sitting on top of the white pillar. I love the figurine of the man carrying the buckets and have several other pieces depicting men and women carrying buckets. I just love these types and have them everywhere. Hope you enjoy them. Have a very good week. Be safe and most of all...Be Happy!  Luv

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Our Dinner Was Mighty Tasty

  Good Sunday Afternoon Ya'll! Hope your weekend has been as sunny and welcoming as ours. I have been a bit busy this week, and haven't been posting the things that I have been, because I have another project going. I might have a little something to tell you tomorrow. Wish me well!
  Now to my dinner for this Sunday. Very simple meal, I always try to cook a balanced meal, and this is common among Southern cooks, we do believe in putting out a nice spread!
  I used the drumettes(for lack of a better word, and cute I might add) off the wing of the chicken and prepared them like hot wings, only these are hot- and-spice with a Tabasco based sauce.
  Sometime, I just want mac-n-cheese, nothing fancy, just plain and simple. However today, I needed a bit more, because I didn't have a good breafast. So, I cooked the greens; then I had to cook the bread. Hubby asked, "Where's the meat?" I told him, "Meet me around the house!" LOL.  The wings were in the oven and ready, but I didn't take them out...Ha! (the devil made me do it!). LOL

Dessert is a favorite of mine. I have a small loaf pan that I use to make a small loaf. It is a lemon loaf with finely chopped pecans. I garnished with cool-whip and strawberries. Of course, I served coffee.
What a nice way to end the meal, and savory the "good-eats".I hope you enjoy this post as much as I did putting it up. Have a good-Sunday Evening. Luv-Loretta
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