Friday, May 6, 2011

We Are Finally Moving In

Hi everyone, just wanted to tell you we are moving in this weekend! All the mold is gone, the carpets are done, and so am I! I am so tired and my work has only begun...there is still the unpacking! Hubby swears I need to stop thrift shopping, but taking that away from me is like taking milk from a baby, a bone from a dog, or my Dr Pepper!
  Seemingly everything that could go wrong with this move, did! My Dad used to say all the time, "you can't win for losing!" I'm believing that more and more with each passing day. Am I the only one that these things happen too?
  Oh my, I will be sooo glad when I'm back into my routine. I suppose I was in my comfort zone too long and changes are getting the best of me. I can certainly use some encouragement right about now dear friends. This time, I need you!


Wednesday, May 4, 2011

We Have Named Our Two Dolls

  Timmy and Tammy are sooo happy that I am calling them by names now. Their cheeks seem to be just a bit more rosy. Thanks to all who helped us. We received some very good names but Timmy and Tammy were the names that were most appropiate for them. Thanks Karen of Homespun Simplicity.
  Please send us your mailing info so we can send you our appreciation gift. Again thanks to everyone for your participating. We wish you all a  Happy and Peaceful Day. Hugs!

Monday, May 2, 2011

Thanks To You All

 Your words of compassion have been so very comforting, and we have appreciated them immensly! Thank you all. Hubby sends his regards also!
 Today has been a cool and windy 55 degrees. I had to get the heavy pants and sweaters out again. I'd packed them down forgetting about what locals call, "the Easter snap". Sure enough it's here! Tonight will be in the lower 40's, after 90 degrees for several days!
  We have finished the yard cleanup, but still need to do some more hauling. That was a beast because I had to run the power saw; hubby was called out to his job. Do you think that was planned? I have that sneaky suspicion. LOL.

  Update on the new house...I finally spent the day carrying a few boxes in. The hardwood floors are out, for now! After pulling the carpet back more, we found painted floors and they were awful! It will take some time to get them in shape, so we decided to have the carpet steam-cleaned for now, and make floor finishing a future project.
  Too, we discovered mold in the house on the walls, so we are having that cleaned up. Hopefully, after all these people are done, we can move in at the end of the week! Rain is in the forecast again, so we shall see! Oh how I'm ready for a shower and the comfort of my bed!
 Again we thank you for your heartfelt sentiments and we wish you all a very good week! Blessings! Loretta
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