Saturday, June 4, 2011

Look What I Cooked!

  Oh, I had the weirdest dream last night, not that I take any stock in my dreams...they are more crazed than my waking moments! Nevertheless, I dreamed I was in a sea of water and eating all the crabs I could get a hold know, right hand throwing some in, then the left doing the same.

   I woke up screaming and scare hubster to the point of waking to fight off the intruders! Good thing I know how to duck! Now, you tell me my dreams aren't crazy and wild; and I hate dreaming, but what can I do, stay up all night and keep the hubster in stitches!
I suppose you are wondering what kind of loon is this? Well, read on...
  After having that craziness early this morning, It got around to what to cook. If you are new to this madness of mine, we have this going on each and every day! Well,  I had a taste for BBQ. My mom-in-law wanted greens (she loves the way I cook them), she says, but James (that's the hubster) was up to his usual self with the, "I don't know's".
  Being in this crazy, playful, wild mood that dream left me in...that's exactly what I prepared for his lunch today. Why don't you come join us. If you like this kind of eatin' looks good, huh?

  If you would please look on the top right of this plate...between the rib and the edge of the plate, that's what the hubster asked for, ("I don't know")! Well don't you think it looks delicious! Oops, watch out its-a-slidin', better catch it befores it slides off!
Well, hubster got it back on the plate and sat there playing along with me by pretending to eat his,
 "I don't know" and his mom thought it was so funny, she could not eat for laughing so hard!
Yes, this is the plate I took back to the kitchen and filled for him. I also had a tossed salad with a homemade dressing and a dish of ice cream.
 Because of our antics, I forgot to get pics of the entire meal! More next time. I promise when I post Sunday's Dinner. Until then...keep on smiling and have fun together!  Many Hugs To All!

Friday, June 3, 2011

I Just Had to Share These

This is the second post today.
  Knowing me, I had to mess it up again! LOL. I forgot to include the most funniest in my garden. You see, I got into my mind that I was going to build something. So, with the help of some 2x4's, nails, some paint and a lot of grunts, banged fingers and a whole-lot of fudging, I put together these funniest pieces!

  We came up with who(my neighbors and I) would create the funniest built objects for their yard. I never back down from his challenges. Whereas, he built a cute and small run-of-the-mill birdhouse, I had to go way out with my creations! So, this is what I built.
  Ashame, maybe...but I displayed them with all the pride I could muster. They turned out to be the funniest, because each time they were seen, there was laughter...too much laughter, if you know what I mean! But, I took it in stride and wouldn't you know it...the squirrels love it!!

  The bench was simply done with 2x4's and I painted on some wording and crude flowers! But, the funniest was the squirrel feeder. I had to think about how it would stay hung on the tree and how they would get into the top of the box for goodies (it had to be raised). As you can see, I did it and then added a little shelf for them to sit and feast. Peanuts, corn and acrons were added to the box, and folks let me tell you, I had a ball watching those little buggers! You would think they wouldn't have know how to open that box, but with three trying, one figured it out, and that was history!
Yes, I'm going to move it to the new place. I've seen these poor scrawny ones here in the city limits scrounging, so I'm going to help them out! Who would have ever thought these misfit pieces could bring so much fun and never know! I'll try to get shots of the squirrels. Thanks for visiting and come back for more of my....

 Have a Good Day and Weekend. Hugs all around!

My Garden In Full Bloom

This is my FIRST  POST for today!
It is already hot this morning here in Louisiana...82 degrees with temps going into the 3 digits today...102 degrees! I had to water my lawn and flowers and they finally started to bloom...I just can't leave them there to die out, so I've decided I'll end up with two gardens to care for. These pics today are from the (west) other end of the lawn. Having acreage like this lawn was hard to plant and care for, but what beautiful results!
  Are you ready for a walk? I must warn you, they aren't the best because of the drought conditions here, but they will offer a little bit of beauty to you this morning. Enjoy!
Glad you stopped by to visit. Come again to see what we have for you to see next! Happy Day to All!

Kayla loves the sun-drenched perennial garden

This is from the butterfly bush. There were only two blooms, but very pretty.

The west hydrangeas were actually beautiful this year

The Rose of Sharon tree would be in full bloom by now, but there were only a few this year

The Lantana were ok, but the pink ones didn't make it!

The geese weren't too happy this year in the perennials

Bees are certainly loving the hydrangeas. I have to be very careful.
Another shot of the geese, and an orb in the garden

Yes, these are my hardy glads. I love them. They have really made a statement in the garden!

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

A Reminder To Check Out Friday's Post

Hello and Welcome Back to Blogging! Wishing everyone a beautiful day! Just in case you didn't get a chance to read our post on Friday, will you please be a dear (s), and do so?
  I had a chance to read some blogs over the weekend because of being away, and I have to tell you, we are all going through our personal little crisis and reaching out to each other for a bit of solace and love in blogland.
 If you are reading this post now, then please know, you are not alone. We are all trying our hardest to endure our trials, some almost unbearable and certainly heartbreaking!

  If we can all remember to throw our burdens on Our Lord, and leave them there, we will be a better person. I look at it this way; if we were to all put our burdens in a bag, and had to choose one, regardless to which one is chosen, and told we had to live with it, could you or I do it? Hardly not, because we are so sure our trials and troubles are so unbearable, but having to take another person's burdens may be worse than what we're going through!
  Let's pull together and show one another love. Let the one going through it know they aren't alone. There isn't very much else we can do but listen. At least we are when no one else will.
 We are here! We are listening and we are feeling your pain and sorrow! Importantly, we are praying that you pull yourself up and through it; conquer your fears, love yourself , and know you are loved.
After all, that's what friends are for, right!  I do love you all!

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Sunday's Supper

Good Sunday Eve to Everyone. Hope your weekend had been a nice and restful one! I was late starting lunch, so this meal is now Dinner. Simple and easy, but enjojable. I decided to prepare a Tuna Noodle Cassarole, a Tossed Salad with a lite-dressing, and I bought Rolls from the grocery. My dessert was a Lite-Ice Cream without the fixings.
  Hubby says he couldn't see any meat in the Cassarole, but when he started to eat it, I didn't hear anymore complaints. Taste can shut the mouth quickly, can't it? LOL. Hope you enjoy viewing my meal. I'll be happy to share my version of this cassarole with you, just let me know and i'll post.
The rolls were stuck together, and I pulled them apart after baking. No, he didn't pinch a bite! Rascal...
Love and Hugs to you all!

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