Saturday, November 12, 2011

Happy Saturday Everyone...My Dinner Today

Hello Beautiful Ladies...Gents Too! Have you been enjoying your Saturday with family and friends; the fur-babies? I read your comments on the previous post and it seems my babies are not the only ones that are "PAMPERED"!
  James carried all three to the vet on Friday (the office was closed today...Vet went hunting, I don't know what is allowed now.) He told James, "Your Poodles are pampered, spoiled, but I love their kerchief"...I made those too.

  James left the vet's office $260.00 out of pocket! He allowed their pet insurance to laspe, and they got sick. Vet said it is canine flu...going around in Louisiana! They seem to be better today and not coughing so much. I'm so relieved!
  I'll try to get a pic with them wearing their kerchief. When the camera comes out, they disappear!
  Why don't you guys stop me already...I get to going and don't know when to...shut up! lol.
Here's my Dinner:

I've taken several shots for you to be able to see it all.

The chicken-and-dumpling meal is my Grandma's recipe. She always brown the chicken a little before putting it in the pot...because she didn't like the dish to be white like flour!

I love love all root vegetables, so I cook them in a seperate pot then, add them to the plate. Hubster ~say~ he can do without, but whose plate is always piled high with them? lol.

If you click on the pic to enlarge, you can see the chicken does have a bit of browning. Yes, the dumplings are homemade!

 I know you are asking about the boiled egg...I don't know why...Grandma always added it to the pot and I do too! It is delicious!

I'll post a tutorial later and the recipe

I hope you've enjoyed viewing my dinner today. I will not be with you tomorrow so, I hope you all have a Happy, Happy Sunday and
Sunday Services. Thank You all for being here and "Welcome, Welcome" you and to all newcomers! We have fun here and want you to have some too! Take Care, Until...

Warm Blessings,

Friday, November 11, 2011

My Sewing Debut

I am looking out of my window to a bright and sunny morning! It is a cool 42 degrees, windy and I love it! Gone are the 100+ degrees and air-conditioner.
  Good Friday Morning my Friends! Hope you are all well and enjoying your day! Well, I finished my projects for my 3 fur-babies...Ashley, Amanda and Lovie...two blanket/throws. Yeah, I finally tried and actually liked sewing! I haven't done so in years.
Why didn't you remind me how relaxing it can be? They are not the best but, they are here... 

The first one is Ashley's choice of fabric. I put it on the floor and he choose by lying down on the one he likes. Mandy follows him and proceeds to test it out by rolling over and over on it. (Ashely is my smart Poodle who takes good care of his mom.)

These are closer views of the fabric. Could it have been the colors? Or, was it the the patterns in the cloth that attracted him? Who can know?

This one belongs to dear sweet Lovie. She settles for anything...if she can cuddle, she'll have it!

I knew she would like the pattern...

All three of them love love cozy, thick and fluffy blankets this time of the year so they can sink into them for warmth and good sleeping!
  Sometimes I find Mandy wrapped so tightly in her blanket, I have to release her from it. She and Ashley will not be seperated...they are brother and sister. They snooze together, sleep together, play, etc. I have thoughts that I try very hard to put behind me...what if something happens to the other...

  Well, good or bad, their blankets are done. I don't have to worry about their critique...I know they love them! However, I wonder if Mom would be as generous? lol.
  Do you have finicky, spoiled fur-babies? Do you cater to their wants and demands? Let's hear from you about your spoiled felines and canines! We Love All Pets!

Love You Too,

Thursday, November 10, 2011

My Color Today Is...

My color today is Black...please stop by our Blog # 2 to see this color! Click on the link at the top right of this page to carry you there. Enjoy!

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

the way it was...The Corner Store

Happy Wednesday Beautiful Ladies! I've been in the dumps the past few days. You know...sitting around thinking about things, worrying a little...crying a bit...Well, I decided all of this was a bunch of nonsense!
  A phone call from an old friend brought about nostalgia...and thoughts of our old neighborhood corner store. The conversation awaken all of those fond memories. I remember vividly, everything about Miss Catherine's store...during the days pennies held their worth, especially to all the young ones!

The inside of store

   I remember peeking through the glass case and wanting all the goodies that were stored there. Decisions, was hard deciding being a kid with all that candy! Why, I could buy 3-4 cookies or candy with a penny! Five cents for a short coke-cola and 5 cents for a bag of chips. A whole quarter could buy an entire lunch including your soda! That's the way it was...

It as fun searching the ground for change where older folk carelessly dropped it. Pennies, nickels, dimes, quarters...why, I remember finding a 50 cent piece and five dollars! Back then, that was a lot of money for a kid to have for spending.That's the way it was...

I remember how the grown folk played dominoes at a table there. Their laughter and voices were loud and sometimes boisterous. Youngster were not allowed to was almost unheard of. And, you were never to interfere in grown-folk-conversations. I guarantee, if you did violate parents rules or "code of ethics", it got back to them before you you did! Sometimes, they would be waiting at the door for you! lol. But, that's the way it was...

  I miss those times when life for youths was simple, carefree, and safe. A time when playing ball, games, skipping rope, playing jacks, and with dolls, cars, trucks, etc., filled our days with joy and happiness. Following parents rules of the house were kept you safe and out of trouble. That's the way it was...
  However, some viewed these times as burdensome, old-fashioned and back-woods.

  I, on the other hand, gained so much more...and because of it, my children were able to also. Don't be so quick to knock what you don't or refuse to understand and accept...there is always good to be found in most all the worst situations. Just search for it!
 What do you hold dear from your young days?       Loretta

Happy Tuesday

Hello Beautiful are you this nice autumn day?
It has been quiet on this homefront, because for some reason I just don't have the energy to do anything. You know how you can have those off feeling...things seem to be a little out of place. I just can't put my finger on it. Oh well, with all of this mixed up blood...who can know.
  I cooked a simple dinner for hubs today, I hope he enjoys it. Brookshire's, our local supermarket, had ham steaks on sale and we bought one. When I cook more, and we don't eat it all, I end up giving it to the fur-babies or, feeding the neighbor's cats. This was a fairly large steak...cutting it into was just enough for us and the 3 fur-babies.

 The cheese on the potatoes was tasty and James really enjoyed eating it with the ham and peas. I made a garden salad, but forgot to get a shot of it. 

The bread stick on the plate was cut in half. They were too long on the plate. I picked them up from the bakery at the supermarket.

Later, we had cake and coffee. I bought a pound cake from the bakery also. Not very good but it was okay with the coffee.

It has been almost a year since I cooked ham. It was something different...we have different appetites now and it is so hard getting a meal on the table. I know I'm not alone...are you having this problem too?

I really hope you all are having a fab week...take care, and be Extremely Happy! lol.

Best Wishes,
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