Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Forgotten Dessert

Good Evening, I was so busy trying to get the last post up and spending fun time with the husbter, I/we totally forgot to post our dessert with the menu!
  I saw this one done in a summer magazine, however, I can't think which one, I was standing in line at the market and picked one up. This was such a pretty presentation, I had to try it. 
  I'm telling you it was the best, the smoky taste of the strawberries was divine. If you try it, be careful with the only want to leave them on the grill just to get the grill marks. The cake will take a little longer. We bought a small loaf from the bakery.
  Our portions were small, but we savored the taste of was a very tasty dessert.  Enjoy!

We will be experiencing changing in our weather again tomorrow... temps back in the high 80's. So many here are ill from the changes, especially with allergies. Nevertheless, this is our weather pattern and have to endure it each year. 
  James and I hope you are having beautiful fall weather and enjoying it in your neck-of-the-woods! Take good care...

Warm Regards,

Monday, October 8, 2012

Our Belated Sunday Dinner

Thank you all for stopping by to are all such darlings and we love love you much!
  Since James' diet changed, it is hard getting dinner on the table because he has become such a finicky eater. I had to ask him to help me out with this meal. He didn't want it because it involved getting out in the cold air, yep!
  As you can see... I won!  I put everything on the grill with the exception of the yellow rice, enjoy!

This is the prep of the packets that went on the grill last. They were packets of potatoes, onions, seasonings and butter. The veggie packet held  all the vegetables on the beans, broccoli, green onions, baby carrots, celery, onions, red potatoes, sweet potatoes, etc. They will be a part of Monday's dinner.

Packets ready for grill, along with the tomato kebabs that went on last for about 8 minutes.

The veggie packet finished. It will be a part of Monday's dinner

Kebabs on the grill...guess who overcooked the kebabs? Lol!

With all the stumbling, laughing, a small food fight and such, we managed to get dinner on the table. Hubster had to admit it was mighty tasty. We even did clean up together!
  Thanks so much for stopping by, and don't forget, you are always welcome at our house. A "hardy welcome" and thanks to those who have chosen to follow us. 
  We wish  you a lovely week and we know you are enjoying this beautiful fall weather! Take care...

James & Loretta
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