Saturday, October 29, 2011

Happy Saturday

Good Morning To You! How are you enjoying your Autumn morning? Hope all are well and you make today an enjoyable one with family and friends.

  One of my task on my to-do-list has been realized, and now an added feature to the blog. If you look to the right under pages you will see the title "My Hometown" on and enjoy the tour!

Thank you all dear friends for being so very welcoming and loving.
How could I endure without having you here!  You are all very dear, and it is my hope our friendships are lasting one! Take care and importantly...Be Happy!

Warmest Regards,

Thursday, October 27, 2011

My Color Day Is Purple

How has your week been? Hope you all are well. Today is color day for us,and that color is Purple. Check ont our blog #2 and see the beautiful colors of  purple you are sure to love. Blog link is top of this page to the right. Click on to carry you there.
  Hope you have a wonderful day and importantly, enjoy your visit!

Keep Smiling...Love you!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Today's Three Tutorials

Good Morning Dear Friends...Hope you are all having a beautiful day! I feel like being a teacher today, so I'm posting 3 tutorials: #1 How to make...Dark Louisiana Roux. #2 How to clean...those heavy black skillets. #3 How to clean...your wooden cutting board. Let's get started:

  There is nothing hard about making our dark roux. However, if you can't seem to get the hang of it, it is sold in jars and all you have to do is take it out, warm and add water. I love my way best. You will need white all purpose flour, either, bacon grease or shortening. First, put grease/shortening in a skillet, the black cast-iron is best, on medium heat to melt, add flour, lower heat. (when making a large amount...3 tablespoons of the oil to 3 tablespoons of flour, these are approximate measurements). If not enough oil add more. Lower heat to low, stir and leave it! Check back ocasionally to stir down sides and skillet. ( It is important to use low heat and leave it! It does take know, like fine wine!)

Flour will start to brown, stir, but still leave it!

 As it browns, you will see streaks of white flour, stir down sides and skillet, leave it!

The roux will become a dark brown, almost chocolate in color, but it does not burn if you've kept the heat low. You can either, proceed to finishing it by adding onions, then broth or water. Season to taste. Yummy for any meats, rice or potatoes. If you want to save the roux, omit the onions, etc., cool the mixture; then put in airtight jar and refrigerate for future use.

Those Heavy Black Iron Skillets

I use this skillet to cook cornbread. See how streaked, and dry it looks from washing and baking.

 The process is easy, just wash with soapy water and clean towel. Use pot-scrape-pad and clean all stuck on food from all sides. Dry completely.

 Spray on canola oil or vegetable oil and using a paper towel wipe down the skillets with the oil and paper towel. The pans will be oily.

Here, I've wiped them down three times. Look at the paper towel, it is still dirty from wiping. So, you should continue to wipe until you've wipe them clean. Allow them to absorb the remains; wipe with a damp cloth and allow to dry. They are then ready to use again. See the difference?

Your Wooden Cutting Boards
I have plastic and wooden boards, but I love the wooden boards. However, you must keep them clean to deter bacteria. After each use, put the entire board into hot, soapy water. I always use a small amount of bleach to my dishwater, when I don't use the dishwasher. Wash the board thoroughly; rinse well in hot water and allow to air dry. See how dry the board looks above.

After board has completely dried spray with an oil, then use paper towel to wipe in the oil. Make sure both sides are done.

 This is how it will look after adding the oil. Allow the oli to absorb...dry.

This is how your borad looks after it dries. See the difference? Hope these little kitchen tips are useful.
I love cooking, so I make sure everything in my kitcken is in good working/running order, and most importamtly, cleaned and sanitized.
  A big welcome to all our new friends and hope you enjoy visiting with us. "Welcome Home" we think of you as family and invite you to come in and sit a spell, get warm, have a cup of tea/coffee and some of our delicious meals. LOL. Thanks for stopping by today and until then...Always Be Happy!

Love Ya!

Sunday, October 23, 2011

My Sunday Dinner Is Ready

Good Sunday To Everyone!

We hope you are having the best Sunday! I started cooking yesterday and finished today. It helps not to push it when trying to do a task, and that keeps me from having to give up all together. It is good that I've developed a high tolerance to pain...however, as I've mentioned before, the pain is different now, more intense. I'm getting by and have a doc's appointment later next week. I might have to give it up and get that injection that I hate so much!
  Hubster is happy because he can sit down and enjoy this southern meal he's had a hankering for about a month. (his words).

  The Menu for today: Chicken fried pork chops, pinto beans with ham over rice, fried okra with potatoes (a Georgia favorite), southern-skillet cornbread, smothered cabbage, iced tea, some trimmings; and for dessert...Berry Cobbler!

Click on the pics to see meal better.

I'm trying to make sure you'll able to see it all. I cooked the beans, rice, cabbage  and cobbler yesterday, and the okra, pork chops and corn bread today.

I couldn't get the cabbage on the plate with the dinner...too much, so I put on a diferent plate so you can see them better!  I cook this way so we can have leftovers for next week. However, in case you aren't aware, southerner's always cook a meal that looks like this!

 I'm trying to get this done, because I 've about played out!

Hubster surprised me by serving the cobbler china! He said this cobbler should be "don' up right"...
LOL. When he talked to his mom, he told her the cobbler was "mighty tasty" That's good coming from him!

  I hope your family dinner is/was a good one and you're enjoying family on these crisp autumn days. We all somhow, someway are experiencing some kind of ailments and problems, but we must carry on with the help of the Lord, the only way we can make it! Relying on Him is all we can do...

 Remember, Keep Smiling and take care of yourselves. Tomorrow will be a brighter day!
Love you all!
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