Saturday, November 14, 2015

I'm Fulfilling One Of My Passions

  It is Happy Days In Our Home Again! Hello to All....
I don't know where to start, it has been a long hard journey back 
to everything, but, with the Lord's help, "I'm back with Family 
and Friends," of course, I didn't forget my friends here. I had to 
stop and check the date of my last post...It was June of 2014. 
  I want to share with you: Shortly afterwards, my life changed and was downhill from then on. If you can remember I lost my country home and everything inside. I thought I was handling it all well, however, one by one...then, with one crushing blow, I lost it all including my sanity... yes, a complete breakdown! It took months for me to just "feel" and, "want" to live my life again. 
  I've made a complete recovery and have a new outlook on everything with my Spirituality in the forefront.
  Okay, enough about this. Oh, one point I forgot and don't know how, James, by the way, sends his regards; Yes, he was there through it all and did what he could to take care of me. No, I wasn't mean or anything like that, but very clingy and dependent. He never complained or denied me anything. I can say without any doubt: "I am truly blessed."
  Please, let us know how you've been and what I've missed... I 
saw an e-mail from Mildred...I forget her last name, but I believe she was saying she'd moved. Can anyone tell me about her?
  I am so happy to be able to reach out to you again. I'll do what I can to share when possible. Take really good care... until next time...

Happy Weekend!!!
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