Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Thanks For the Well Wishes

Good Morning, I hope this finds you all well. Thank you for your concerns and get well wishes. You all mean so much to me. 
  Doc's visit was a painful one yesterday. Inflammation was in the bite again and had to be drained. It is hard using my hand so I'll be brief today. James has been working overtime because of the conditions of the roads with the truck traffic. They have had lots to rebuild and repair. 
  These are some rugs I've tried to work on...please excuse my picture taking...not very good I'm afraid. Of course, Kitty added her two cents worth to the rugs. She went into my bathroom and got into my body powder again, then while I was trying to get a shot, she walked across the rugs dropping the powder on them. Ugh! I didn't realize it until I put them up on the blog. So sorry! Why didn't someone tell me cats were soo independent!

The top one was in the making. Sorry, I didn't get the other ones in here. Too much movement of my hand!  

I call  this one "In the Still of the Night"

This one is "Dark Night"

And of course, the last one here is called "Lone Wolf"
  James says they are too colorful, but that's what Autumn colors are, right? Thanks for checking on me , but I'm afraid I can't comment today on your blogs. I know they are lovely as ever. I need to take care of this wound. Being diabetic doesn't help the healing process. Take good care, until...

Lovely Thoughts,

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Have Been Ill

Good Morning to you all, 
 We have been watching the weather reports and the damage left in the storm's wake. Our thoughts and prayers goes out to all of you. We can only imagine the full devastation you've had to endure from this huge energetic slow moving storm. God Bless you all!
  I have been very ill from cat-scratch-fever! Kitty's bite was very bad...I am seeing more of Doc than ever. I didn't want to be in hospital, so I had to visit him often. I am still on penicillin, etc., and have more visits, but feel so much better!
  I don't remember how it all happened, it was so fast, but she left two fang marks in my hand. The pain and swelling was awful, not to mention the procedures Doc had to do to treat it. 
  I just wanted to share with you what's happening with us...I'll be back with you later. I have to see Doc again today. Please take care and know you are all in our prayers.

As Always,
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