Saturday, July 21, 2012

A Hardy Welcome!

Good Saturday, is it as hot where you are! Early this morning, I could hear thunder in the distant; when I went on the porch to look at the clouds, they were dark. I just knew we would get some rain then. I was wrong...and now the sun is blazing again, already in the high-nineties! Oh well, maybe next time!
   I would like to extend to all our new followers a big Louisiana welcome! Wish you were here so we could have a boil, or something...we can't do that now, but we can sure tell you how much we appreciate your joining us. We love having lots of company, so to all of you, keep coming by to see what we're cooking up. You are always welcome At Our House!
  Jason, my son in PA, evidently was thinking on the same lines as his brother Chris and sent us some photos of his bunch. I can't believe how those boys have grown and all we've seen is pictures. James and I will be visiting soon...I think the ball is in our court now if we want to see them! James will tell him each time we talk on the phone, he needs to come home, but he's always working!
Yes we have eleven grand's!

These are Jason's three boys...little Jason, Jacob in the middle and Juelle the big one

Jessica told Jacob to wave to nanna and poppie. What a smile with those two teeth showing, huh?

This is Jada,  their sister and Juelle. Good Jason keeps the yard done, because they love being outside!

 Little Jason here, he doesn't like to be called Jason Junior...He say that's daddy's name! Lol

When I saw this picture, I told James, there they go...the three Tasmania's! Look how little Jacob is holding his head! Lol. Oh my, they are so, so, active and verbal! I don't know how we will survive when they do come home! We will just have to endure, right?
  I've enjoyed this visit with you today. James and I are doing well and pray that each day, we will continue to do so! My sister is visiting from Houston and they rode down to visit Patricia, our other sister south of near Cane River. I elected to say at home...too hot down there!
  Hope you are keeping cool, please is too hot not to do so!
Take Care, and have a wonderful weekend!

All The Best,

Friday, July 20, 2012

My Son and Granddaughter

My son e-mailed a newspaper article about his Dad's night with his daughter Carissa. He is our son who is in the Navy and in California. 

The article was written in the  Rancho Santa Fe Review...Horizon Prep's Annual Dad's Night. Horizon Prep Early Education Director, Cathy Tower says, "it's hard to tell who has more fun: the students or the dad's!" This year's theme was, western! They had a ball!
  Carissa will tell you quickly, she looks like her dad and is her dad's little girl! And, I have ten more grand's to spoil!

Happy Friday Everyone!

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Meet Braylon Authur

It is such a beautiful day today! The sun is shining brightly. Speaking of bright, I have a young tot I would like for you to meet. His name is Braylon. 
If it is not too much trouble for you, will you please click on the "other site icon" to take you to our other blog or, click here: to take you there. Please, give me all the comments you can about little Braylon, it will mean so much to my baby sister! Thanks!
  I accidentally deleted my dashboard to blog 2, if you can help me to get it back, I will be sooo grateful.  Love you!

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

New Post on Blog 2

Meet Braylon Authur! Click on the other blog icon in the right column to meet Braylon!
 Thank You!

Monday, July 16, 2012

Miss Kitty's Back Home

James went out to sit on the porch each morning watching and waiting for Miss Kitty. She was gone for four day. I knew I had to do something because, even though James would not admit it, he'd fell for this little girl, and hard! 
  He's always on the porch watch her and talking to her, even laugh at all her little kitty wiles.  She will lay flat hiding from him behind the trees, the tall grass...anything. 
She is really growing, huh? She should be, he feeds her the best of everything and she's a big eater...enjoys every morsel!
  When he went out that day and she wasn't there, he worried and kept going out to look for her. This went on for a couple of days until I realized he was really missing her! 
One early morning, I dressed and went up and down our street calling for her. I carried one of her toys in my pocket and shook it to make the noise and listened for her baby meow. Just when I was about to give up, I heard her faint cry. Searching, I finally spotted her...she was in a tree, on a low branch in out next door neighbor's yard! 
  "You little devil," I called up to her. I stood there and she jumped as I held out my arms. She fell right into them! I was so happy to have her back because I thought she'd been picked up by animal control or killed by the strays in the neighborhood. But mostly, because James was so down without her!

                      She loves the tall grass on our lawn

She hides down the step where you can only see her masked eyes, then spring up to make James laugh


She watches for bugs and all sorts of things to bring on the porch and drop at James' feet. Then he fusses about all the stuff she's cluttered the porch with.

James is so happy she is back! We have decided she's going to stay inside and use the litter box, rather than the pet door. The two of them are back on track now, and I think my husband is in kitty-land! Lol

As for Miss Kitty, she's back to her self again...keeping her Mister laughing and happy. I could not ask for anything more!
Thanks for stopping by, don't be a strangers we love having you here, so come back to visit, soon! Wishing you a lovely evening!

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Good Sunday Afternoon

I suppose by now you are wondering if I am a bit of a loon but, I promise you I'm not. This month has been one of indecision and worry. Our plans have changed because of family and my MOM. 63 1/2 years old, and Mom treats me like I'm still 2. Lol!
  However, her reasons held a lot of validity. I have prayed continuously and have decided to...listen to my Mom and stay at home! I can do just as much here, as she pointed out,  rather than leaving and going to other lands where safety is so uncertain, and not being able to keep in touch with her on a regular basis. All I can say is...Mother knows best, huh?
  If you give my a bit of time, I will try catching up on what I've missed and posting. I would appreciate your comments and staying with me during this roller coaster time in my life. Hopefully, I will get it together soon, and that you will come back to join us...for your continued support, I am grateful and thankful!
You all are the shining stars that always lend a way. Thanks for your constancy. 

God Bless, 

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