Friday, August 10, 2012

Truth Be Told...

This post may be a bit long.
 Yeah, I was raised...I didn't just grow up on my own! I had a Mom and four Sisters and I lived in the same house with our two parents. As a family unit, we did everything together. 

We were read to and taught how to read at an early age

We had our meals together and prayed together

We laughed, talked to our parents and they listened to us, respected what we had to say. Helped us to solve problems. They showed interest in our schooling and helped with our homework, making sure the five of us had what we needed.

They taught us how to work, garden

 And harvesting


  Those two parents taught us and taught us well! We are who we are today because of them. The golden rule was "golden" in our home and to us, because we 'know' what it means.

Our parents prayed together as a couple

 Our parents set the example and taught us how to pray to our God

We learned and did well on our own 

  We were taught from the Bible and went to Sunday meeting as a family...every meeting!

     We knew the meaning of, R-E-S-P-E-C-T your elders... regardless. To let them speak without putting your two-cents in! We were taught to speak when we are spoken to. We got our butts up off a chair and gave it to older ones.(You better not still be sitting and they are standing, or your butt would smoke for days.)

  Why...did you say? Because it was the right and respectful thing to  do, and it was the way we were taught. We were taught to address any older person with a yes or no Sir or Mama...made no difference what color they might have been. Excuse, pardon me; thank you and please were words taught to us when we were know what, they are STILL in our vocabularies and used to this day!

   Door were held for older ones and the the person behind us...why? That's what you call manners. Would you want a door slammed in your face? We were taught common sense things like: speak when you wall into a room. Assist a person when they need help. Don't lie, cheat, steal, etc.
  I will, I suppose until I die, remember Scripture read to us daily when we were so young:

And,  Deuteronomy 6: 6-7

   Truth Be Told...
Children can not be left on their own devises...trouble follows. Their role models are what's out there in the world...and they copy them well!
Truth Be Told...
if more children in this world had been raised by their parents...think about it...Wouldn't the world be a better place to live!
Pictures courtesy of Bing

"Life affords no greater responsibility, no greater privilege, that the raising of the next generation"___C.Everett Koop

Friday's Thoughts

Happy Friday Friends...

 Believe it or not, I am getting good information from your comment, especially how you respond, ways, and what you say!
 Some are expected to be slow, however I'd wished for more. My editor tell me all the time, I'm too deep, although I try hard to simplify! Lol! We'll be done soon. 

Today's thought Question:
                                               Nail biting!

What is SOMETHING that gets on your nerve often?

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Your Input Please...

Not so deep today...promise, but I need your input...

What is something you will NEVER stop believing in?

Wednesday, August 8, 2012


If the black box flight recorder is never damaged during a plane crash, why isn't the whole airplane  made out of this same stuff?          Hummmm!

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

An Unfortunate Scene

He was a cute little fellow... I felt so sorry for him as he lay in the floor kicking and screaming. My heart went out to the little fellow, I wanted to pick him up and comfort him, then...

                                                                     only a depiction

Words started spewing  from that little mouth that made even me wince! Then the mom started...she was way out of control...hitting and slapping the child, saying profanity worse than his! This child was only a toddler, if that old.
  You know there was a crowd of onlookers and I saw phones coming taken, and folks' calling 911. 
  Later, I  looked away as the mom was being handcuffed. Some of the people in the crowd had the child trying to comfort him. What an embarrassing event not only for this woman, but all mom's across America. 
  Parents are now facing almost impossible odds of successfully raising their children in this world. If you could give them just one thing/advice, what would it be?

One respondent wrote: of training the child at home. Absolutely!
This is my belief also... if a child is taught/trained at home, there will not be problems else where. 
  The child will not get the parent in public and create scenes such as this one. Of course...the mom in this situation could benefit form, most definitely, some much needed Parenting!
 Love your comments...please keep them coming. This will be a great copy to submit!  

Monday, August 6, 2012

Those Nosy Neighbors...

The audacity of a nosy neighbor... When the phone bell rings, you answer...your neighbor is listening intently. Then when you finish the call and hangs up, she asks, "who was that...what did she want?" You sit there with dropped jaws thinking, "What did you say"? Some examples of them in action!

Oh My, who can forget her... the epitome of  "Nosy Neighbor"

It seems as if this old Gent is having the problem too!

This is just bold!

I don't know which one of them to blame...she can't get up there to see, so he gives her a boost. Do you think she will boost him when she's done being nosy? He he he!

                                                         Pics courtesy of Bing   
And, when you think you've seen it all... isn't this too bold? She didn't hide behind her curtains...she's taking a bold stance!

Have you caught your neighbor in the act or, have they caught you?
What have you done to let them know you see them watching or, not?  

Sunday, August 5, 2012

I Have Lost My Faithful Companion

This is my Poodle, Ashley Winston who died in my arms last night at 11PM after having a seizure. He went quickly. I don't have to tell you how devastated I am. I cried all night and didn't sleep, and today has been almost the same. He was my faithful companion and was always by my side. He helped me through some

His Sister Amanda, is wearing the blue scarf. She is not reacting to his death yet. But I think she knows he's gone.

                                          Please click on pics to enlarge
very hard times in my life physically and emotionally. James and I both are heart broken. Ashley was also by his side after he had his surgery. James has to go back to work will be hard for him.
 Ashley loved being near me at all times, because I always talked to him the entire time...we had beautiful conversations together. He was a good listener. Lol-good memory! I will miss you my good and faithful companion. Until we see you again...
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