Friday, March 30, 2012

Linky Followers Blog Hop

Good evening Ladies and Gents...there is a Linky Followers blog hop over on Tamika's blog: No Time for Tea. You can link up here :  Meet your Fellow Linky Followers.

The Cat's Out

  Good Morning, how's everyone today? Well, I think I might have stumped most of you with yesterday's post...but here's the punch-line. Please go to blog #2 for the answer:
(Read About Maxine, you missed).

Here's hoping you all have a wonderful day!

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Have A Beautiful Evening

There are times when all of us need a helping hand and there are times when you will need to offer/give a helping hand. Will your hand be extended both ways showing regard for your fellowman?

  I have had words with Maxine for weeks now...this week, to my chagrin, I had to let go...I could not win, nor, could I continue! Maxine wore me down to my knees. If you want to read about my humiliation, please go to our blog #2 for details click here:
 I can only hang my head in shame...for I know I am defeated. I'm sorry my friends...I was no match with her! I'm retiring to my bed chambers to lick my wounds. I shall see you tomorrow!
I'm that WOMAN! Arrrgh!!

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Good Afternoon Ladies

How's everything with you today? I sure hope you are having a wonderful day with blue skies and plenty of sun. Spring is really being nice to us, huh?
  I always feel so happy and content...I like this weather so much. I was thumbing through my huge stash of picture and found a few to share with you. I love reading signs, I think it all started when I was a little girl riding in the back seat of my parents car. Do you remember the Burma-Shave signs long ago? Not all of you will...I think they are still up, but not certain. I would laugh-out-loud reading them.
  I have just a few today, but not the burma shave, rather some funny church and road signs! Please, I don't mean anything but funny signs, not one thing negative about religions! If it does offend you, please forgive my mistake and send me an e-mail stating your point! Thanks!

Do you see the sign against the post, "smile you're on camera"

Hope you got a good belly-laugh from these. I was afraid to go too far with it! Here's wishing you all a beautiful day and a lovely evening!

All The Best,
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