Saturday, December 24, 2011

Greetings To All

                         Best Wishes and Warmest Regards,
From James, Loretta, Ashley, Amanda, Lovie and the entire "At Home with Loretta's Family!

Friday, December 23, 2011

Happy Friday!

I know you have been out shopping and trying to get it all done, but don't forget to be safe, slow down and get a little rest.
  Hello and a Good Friday to ya'll! The hubster here trying hard to hold down the fort and take care of the little lady. She's starting to get a little color in those cheeks and move around much better now that she finally got some good sleep in. Its hard to keep a good gal down and my gal is one of 'em!
  I didn't have much to do in the house, because Loretta keeps it picked up and clean, just had to dust. I thought I'd take some pictures, no decorations, Loretta keeps enough of that in all the rooms, but I did get Lovie in my sites. 
(Click on pictures to enlarge)

 This is the sofa table that's between the living/dining room

I could only get the top of the hutch, things too big to get it all!

Built in hutch dining room. There are 2

Our old radio still plays and we listen to it together every weekend

Part of the living room. Ya'll know I don't know how to line up stuff in the shot 

 Dinning room, see, I told you she keeps it decorated enough. Those big urns I had to move in off the front porch because the cold might crack them. I show don't wanna hear Loretta screaming! Heeeeheeee

 And, here's my Lovie! Loretta has her poodles and I have my Lovie. I took 'em all to get a bath and she put the pretty in her hair. She is a joy to have! Ashley and Mandy ran when the camera came out! Camera shy I guess!

She's was the runt and outcast of the litter, but now she's the sparkle
in our home and my heart. (not shame to say). Heeeeheeee!
  Lorettas' 4 sisters are coming in today, so I don't know if i'll still be doing this. They already told me they will take over when they get here. Ugh!
  Hope this won't be my last, but in case it is, I've enjoyed ya'll so much and I love the way you rally around Loretta and take care of us. Thank you dear ones, it meant so much! Ya'll are some good people and i'm proud to have met all of you!
 Ya'll take care and we'll get back with you tomorrow! Take Care now!
Best Wishes coming your way,

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Hi To All!

Hope all you wonderful friends are having a good week. Its the Hubster here again, I've started my vacation today and Loretta wanted me to send out a post this morning.
  She is doing better and now that I'm home, she will be able to follow dr's orders and stay in that bed! Thank ya'll for sending me such nice comments, they sure make a busy person feel good. I read them to Loretta and she is enjoying them too. All of you are some good folks, thank you!
  Here's some pictures of my older son Christopher (Chris) and his family. I tell you, I am so proud of my boys and what they are now,
good family men.
Chris is the Navy guy. This is him with his wife DeWonia

This is his daughter, Amber

And, this is the family Victoria is behind DeWonia and little Carissa is near her mom, Dominick is with Chris. My son believes in family and they are expecting their new baby in January! The two little ones we haven't seen, only pictures, and now another. Its the same with Jason, we haven't seen Jason Jr. or little Jacob! 
  My boys are so busy, they can't get home. (I guess I need to get on the road and do the visiting real soon!) But, we are thankful they send the pictures.
 Well, that's enough about the grand's, I'm going to keep ya'll posted about what's going on here, "At Home with Loretta" and if I don't, Loretta's sisters will take over, as usual! heeeheeee!  
  We hope all have a beautiful time with friends and family and send some love to those you have not seen in a while. Families need to stick together nowadays! Loretta sends her love and so do the pets, Ashley, Amanda, and little Lovie!

This is the Hubster signing off!

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Greetings To All

Click on all the pictures to enlarge
  Loretta and I want to welcome you all to "At Home with Loretta".
She finally got me hooked on this blogging thing so, i'm doing the post today.
  She's still a little under the weather, looks like i'm gonna have to give in and get her up to PA so she can see the grand's; course,
i'd like to see those little rascals too! Their mom and dad couldn't get down this year, again! I guess the kids will be grown before we get to lay eyes on them. heeheeee!
 They sent us some pictures to ease the pain, but Loretta says it is definitely not the same as being able to hug 'em!

Here's Jason Jr, and little Jacob with Juelle holding him

This is my little girl Jada

 She's growing up so fast!

 She was suppose th be holding Jacob and they both went to sleep

 Well folks, meet Jason Jr he is the ~active~ one! Just look at that face! Each time I call my son, he's screaming, yelling and cuttin' up like there's 20 of 'em there!

Baby Jacob is walking now

This is my boy, he's the youngest and I'm a proud popa! That's Jessica the mom of all those youngins'

   Little Jacob trying to say hi to us with mom. Some of the pics were taken earlier for us to see how the youngins' have grown. Loretta said the other son sent pictures but I can't find them on this darn thing.
  Maybe the next time. My girls will be in Friday so, we'll be the cooks and bakers. I took time off the truck til' after Jan.1st to be with her. Yes, i'm keeping Loretta in bed, doctor's orders!
 So, the 4 of them are in the bed watching hallmark channel while i'm struggling with this thing! heeheeee.
  One thing I can say about my wife, she loves pets and these little scams here are spoiled rotten! I saw her get out the bed just to cook Ashley bacon because he kept after her! That's why I ask you to love, or hug your pets for her, because she sure love 'em. She feeds all the stray around here, even the squirrels.  Lord I have to love her, because she's turned me into the same!

We sure hope ya'll are having some good days! Love your pets and ya'll have a good Sunday now!

This is the Hubster!
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