Monday, June 23, 2014

Flea Market Finds...How to use Them

Well, hello there, and "Good-Sunshine- Morning" to everyone! How are you and how are you spending your day so far?
  I know some of you have/are having really bad weather...and in some places we've seen the devastating damage the storms have wreaked. Our thoughts and prayers are with you.
  We haven't had any bad weather in a while and believe me, we are all thankful and aware of how Blessed we are those storms went around us.  

  I don't have too much to talk about today... we are doing well and trying so hard to finish the clean-up of our family home that was loss in that fire. Now, we will have the local fire department to come and finish burning it down in order to clear all the rubbish away. I will be so happy because seeing it in this current state, hurts so badly. 

  On another note, I did want to show you this pic to use some flea market finds in your home. 
 Now that the grands and children are on school vacation, this "style" will be a welcome change to your decor' and easy to clean. 

These repurposed feed sacks used as throw pillow covers are framed artwork! They are so inviting...they make you want to curl-up on the cozy sofa with a good book and relax. 
I have to admit, I would have never used this eclectic style however, I have, as I've gotten older, made a number of changes in my life including in my home. 

This is so simple and clean, and I love the farm house table with the mix of chairs in this picture... even the garden chair that the retro covered pillow makes so comfy. The white sheers and blue color on the walls, adds a calmness and simplicity to the room filled with found items. 

The focal point in the room draws it all together...mixing old feed sack pillows with throw pillows in modern print. Doesn't it bring a down-home look that blends these two time periods together? I-love-it!

Wishing You All... A Glorious Week... Happy Monday!!!

Monday, May 26, 2014

What A Wonderful Day!

I can say this each and every day because with each day that dawns it is unique and certainly a Blessing!!
  Thank you for your beautiful comments and visiting with us. I am still at my old house sorting through the ash and giving away things to  neighbors when they ask. I feel so bad allowing them to take things, but if they can reuse any of it, I gladly invite them to take what they want.

  We have piles like this all over...this one is from the bottom of my tall cedar chest. Bedspreads bed skirts, curtains, sheets, etc., with the bottom of the pile being the worst. 
  I am determined to work until it it done, with God's help, so we can get it all hauled off. 
  At our home in the city we have also been working to make improvements. The porch was awful this Spring and it took me a long time to clean much pollen!

Remember this next project is to restain the rockers...they are looking very tired now.
I also have been checking into screening. I don't have much of a back porch and city codes doesn't allow me to erect a screened enclosure to use as a catio for my cats. I'm still trying even if it will be a screened gazebo...that would be okay. Below is a a picture of what I have in mind for the porch.

  It will certainly be nice for the three of them to spend their lazy days there plus, it has a Southern exposure, so it stays cool. What do you think?

Hey it has been a blast visiting with you all today and I hope you've enjoyed your visit here at "Our House" too!! Wishing You All A very Pleasant & Peaceful Day with Friends & Family!!!

Purrs & Hugs...

I'm going to sit on the porch with some fresh strawberries and a tall glass of ice cold tea. Wish you were here!!!

Monday, May 19, 2014

Container Gardens & Renovations

Hey Friends, 
  How are you today? Aren't you happy the bad weather and loss has gone away? I am too! It is our hope that you all are well and at least making your way to getting back to normal...if there is such. I'm so sorry for your loss...we are sending thoughts & prayers your way.

I've been doing a little in the yard lately. We took a cue from one of my fave magazine,"Fine Gardening" and prepared some nice containers (like these) since it was so hard to get outside with all the "stuff" out there... (My camera is being worked on.)

  I also found this beautifully manicured lawn a gardener changed with a nice terrace look. I might not have this particular look however, I will be changing my front lawn in the near future. I will keep you posted. 

 The Adirondacks in the picture are beckoning for ones to come sit a while. I love the lushness of the greenery as you climb to the top of the area... Two other chairs (blue)are placed there for privacy. I could spend hours there with a tall glass of iced tea and a good book!!! What about you?

  I sure hope you have a Wonderful Week... You must grab hold of an hour or two and take a bit of time to relax and pamper yourself!! Love you...

Happy Days Everyone,

Saturday, May 10, 2014


To All The Mom's In The World...

 Each Day Is Mom's Day At Our House...
But, Today Is Your Day All Over The World...And To You We Give This Special Bouquet Of Beautiful Red Roses!

                                        These Are For You!

Friday, May 2, 2014

Awesome Creatures

Good Morning,
How are you good folks today? Loretta and I have been keeping up with the weather the past weeks and it looks like we have all had our share of rain tornadoes and so much devastation. We sure hope ya'll have weathered the storms and picking up the pieces.
  Not too much any of us can do but Pray to the Good Lord that we all can endure all we have to face, and to get us through it! We have an awesome God and there is no other as great as He, nor will there ever be!

No other can or could have created this magnificent animal but the Creator of all things...Himself!!!

What an awesome animal...Loretta wanted me to say these are not her pictures, but they belong to her followers on Google +. We wanted to share them with you too. Aren't they truly beautiful creatures? 
  Looking at them one has to admit our God and Creator of all things is an awesome God, Right?

  We wish you all a Wonderful Weekend with Friends & Family! Hug your Pets for us too!

All The Best To You,
James & Loretta

                                                  For You!!!

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