Monday, July 22, 2013

Southern Fried-Dinner

  Hello Friends... How in the world are you? If you are up and at 'em, today you are doing well! With my health and James' together we make a good half...but hey, if we can work it out together what more do we need. right? LOL!
  That's how we were able to cook dinner yesterday... remember now we both have different diets, but we managed to get a meal together. I forgot to get a pic of the salads but they were a basis garden salad without dressing.

We started with cooking portioned chicken tenders. We always use peanut oil or canola oil but limit fried food intake.

 We made potatoes (1 med-large size) with pan drippings for gravy. I've started using saucers for serving dish and only a table spoon for portions.

Southern fried green tomatoes from the garden were a treat
We are both learning to eat with limited salt.

Fried Green Tomatoes done!

Green beans with new-potatoes are the best ever, this is my fave. I always add herbs like Italian seasoning, parsley and minced onion.
 Dessert was a simple Sweet-Potato-Souffle. I love the pineapple and marshmallow on top browned slightly. This is a lite-version with sugar omitted and honey used with butter flavoring instead of butter. 


I always make this dish so it can be served in potions... this way we can have dessert 3 days instead of one. This requires using less milk. 

I never use a recipe, rather add ingredients by sight, smell and textures. Don't shot the cooks because we don't have recipes, we had to learn this method and it is mostly done to our taste. It works and James has lost a huge amount of weight...Thanks to the Lord!

We sure hope you enjoyed reading about our way of cooking much different from before, but very necessary.  Thanks for stopping by to visit with us today. We love having you. 
One more thing My oldest daughter, Daun Yozette is typing this for me because I'm having problems with my sight again...It is coming back slightly. I guess you are wondering what is happening to the Thomas family? 
  All I can tell you is, it has to be our time for being tested ... we all are...but, you have to have faith and endurance to overcome your trials! We are enduring and have faith that Our God will be with us through it!
Take good care of yourselves and we "Wish You A Wonderful Week To Come!" 

Warmest Regards To All Of You,
The Thomas'

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