Saturday, April 7, 2012

Your Comments are...

So welcomed, and deeply appreciated!

Words fail me now, so I'll speak to you with flowers to  "Thank You"

And share with you the beauty of God's Majestic Creations here of Earth

                        And Above!

May you have peace and tranquility, and your hearts are filled with love, happiness and peace for your fellowman...From our house to yours'!
 James sends his regards, too! He is resting comfortably today. Please know, we couldn't do this without you!

Loretta & James

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Happy Friday!

I want to keep this post on a happier note if possible and bring you up to date on James' health. I'm afraid it is not, on the other hand, happy!
  When he had the Cat scan done, instead of a stent..Doc found major major is next! We are hopeful. Please, prayers our way... I'm sorry, I can't continue, I'll come back later. I still can't accept the results...not my James...

Tuesday, April 3, 2012


How are you today...sure hope things are going well for you. I'm going to be brief with this post. I am driving James to hospital very early in the morning. He will have an overnight stay, and if all goes well, we should return sometime Thursday.
  He has been really sick for the last week and it is not any better.
Thanks for your well wishes and he ask me to thank you from him.
We sure hope you all have a wonderful evening and peace in your household!

Loretta & James

Monday, April 2, 2012

Awarded with The Liebster Award

Good Evening to everyone, I just wanted you to know I have been graciously given the Liebster Award by a sweet lady, Vicky over at: 
Thank you very much Vicky. I don't normally accept awards, but I really love Vicky's blog where she offers so many wonderful ideas for repurposing, etc. Please take the time to visit her...the link is above. I know you will find beautiful ideas and things there.
   Libster is a German word meaning dearest or beloved; it can also mean favorite. The idea behind the Award is to give up and coming bloggers with fewer than 200 followers recognition in order to create more connections and bring attention to wonderful growing blogs!   

  When you win the award, there are a few rules to follow:

1. Thank your Liebster Blog Award presenter on your blog.
2. Link back to the blogger who presented the award to you.
3.copy and paste the blog Award on your blog.
4. Pesent the Liebster Blog Award to 5 bloggers with 200
    followers or less who you feel deserves it.
5. Let them know they have been chosen by leaving a comment on their blog.

  The 5 Blogs I am presenting the Liebster Blog Award to are:

A. Van Doll Treasures...Vanessa
B. The Love Of Minis...Lady Jane
C. The Foreign Domestic Adventures of a new Housewife...Kristen
D. Muffy's Mark...Muffy
E. Country Whispers...Jessica
  Please take a moment to visit these very creative blogs where you will find Minis...dolls and accessories, repurposed items, recipes, Photography, videos, stories, gardens, and the joy each one of them have to share as inspiring bloggers. Thanks!

Here's wishing you all have a wonderful Evening!

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Happy April To You

Ladies, can you believe March is gone and we are into another Month! My, how time flies, and if you aren't alert, it can pass you by quickly, right? I'm sorry, this will be a rather long post, so I hope you will bear with me; but read to its entirety...thanks!
  For some reason, beyond my comprehension, I can't seem to keep up with all that I have to do in a day. I'm almost certain it is the same I've done the past months, however, with a few variations, I keep asking myself, what 's different? Hubster tells me it could be the time change and I don't disagree with him there, because this is when it started looking back!
  Then again, I do have a lot-of-irons-in-the-fire, as the saying goes.
First, I want to show you my daughter's pic, who lives in Florida; we left her there when we moved...she was engaged to be married! I am very proud of the family she's created and the life she's provided for our grandchild. Of course, I love the 4 of my children, and what they've done for themselves and my 11 grandchildren!
  Today, this one has fulfilled a goal of losing weight, and has done so well as you can see. 20 lbs. were her goals, and she surpassed it! Way-to-go Vonetta!

  Next: I put together a funny-little-skit over on my Blog 2's post,
with the Maxine comic...will you please go over, (click on the icon in this right sidebar), and please give me some feedback. It is a project that I've gotten myself involved in. I really need your comments. Thank you, I appreciate it!

  Then: I want to thank all our new followers and please know, you are welcome here, "At Home With Loretta". There is a possibility, I will have to take a few days away from the blog to go on assignment. I will post it next week.
  Now: About Sunday Dinners...Hubster's appetite is gone and each time I cook a meal, I end up tossing it! I hate being wasteful with food...the babies can only eat so much and not everything that I cook. Hopefully, his doctor's appointment on Wednesday will give us some indications as to what's going on. 
  In some way or another, we are all going through our little family crisis...some are major ones, then some are not as big. Nevertheless, all of us have them, regardless. We sure hope you are getting through whatever trails or troubles you may be having with the Lord's help and guidance! 
  Wishing you a Beautiful and Peaceful Evening with Friends And Family!

May God's Rich Blessings Be with You All!
James & Loretta  
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