Saturday, October 15, 2011

Good Saturday

"How ya'll are? I'm glad for you to see me, I guarantee!"
This was the greeting of a southern cook name, Justin Wilson from South Louisiana.
  Justin is deceased now, but I want you to know from those old television shows, I learned a lot about southern cooking. I've been busy in the kitcken today. This morning I made scones, but I didn't cut them in the pie shape they are suppose to be, (I rarely do) rather, I used my biscuit cutter. I had a taste for them with cream cheese and blackberry jam. Coffee went better with them than tea this morning.
  After sitting and enjoying them on a cool morning with James; Ashley, Amanda and Lovie my fur-babies...

the hubster came in while I was relaxing in my rocker and announced, "What's for lunch?" I could have hit the ceiling! What do you mean...for lunch, you just had brunch! "I know, but I'm hungry for know...FOOD!" I guess he thought he was eating HAY or something earlier, Huh?

 Well, I finally got up and put together a menu, Greek Chicken-with-olives and oregano; Black-Eyed-Peas with ham, Rice with homemade Gravy, Cornbread; and, an Apple,Carrot, Raisin Salad.

This is a hungry man's menu and the plate, or should I say platter is full. I told him not to kill himself eating so much, but, Lord, I love to see a hungry man eat my food! Even his brother who came to visit just in time!

When I put this peach cobbler on the table with a cup of coffee, that ole' bro-in-law thought he'd died and gon' to glory! That's what he told me! Seconds, thirds, and I had to hide my cobbler! That ole' boy tried to eat the 'hole thing!
Well, I hope he got a belly full because it will be a long time before he put those 12's under my table again! I guarantee! I mean it and I tol' James! Ya'll know I like to have fun...don't you? But, I'm serious about this!

I hope you're having a good ole' time this weekend! And if you're not cooking, then, I guess you're the ones who have won! LOL! Take care now, and remember, James and Loretta care for you too! Bye now...

Friday, October 14, 2011

Things of Beauty To Me

Sometimes, I surprise myself when I label an object as beautiful. It can be the simplest of the simple. Or, it could be anything that makes me know, kind of tug at the old heartstrings. I know, it sounds corny, but hey, that's who I am!
  My Sisters think I'm odd the way I live my life. I suppose, because I am sooo different from all of them in every way. I'm the mundane, whereas, they border on sophistication, if you get my meaning! That's ok because, I'm my own woman, and as the saying goes..."to each his own" (to her own) in this case.

I've been through terrible odds in my life and this is how it has left me. I'm not bitter, as a matter of fact, I'm humble if anything! Life, has taught me lessons you would not believe...Grateful for some, but most...

I live for today, because tomorrow is forever! That's my motto...if you can't understand this, and if you can't understand me; my ways, and actions...then, move on, my life is too precious to waste time trying to defend myslf and who I am.

  But you know, I love people! It is just there...I'll do anything for a person, but I have my limits. They are, I'm afraid...not lengthy! However, don't we all have our "line in the sand" limits?
  My Mom is 82 years old, had only girls...5 of us. I'm the oldest at 62. I can't tell you the others ages because of that thing called 'denial', but I'm proud of my age and grateful to be alive! Nothing to hide here!
   I've thought about it, I'm no doubt older than just about all of my friends that I've associated myself with in blogville! You think?
  Well, I have totally gotten way off the subject...I really do digress, Huh?

                          Things of Beauty (to me)

This little old house! I can see the beauty in it...the charm of it, and what once was. Oh, how it would look with just a bit of paint. I'm thinking about buying one just like this...the tiny house in my dream world! 3 whole rooms just for us to get away. Old creeky floor boards, shuttered windows and a huge fireplace. And, I'll add a porch with a swing and lots of flowers. What a nice hide away it would be!

An old house like this one with a tin roof to hear the rain beating against the tin when it rains, with an old bucket beside the house that catches  the rain water. Also an old broken down fence that I'll have to way! Oh how I love how this sounds!

You know how I love flowers so, I'll have a beautiful old-fashioned cottage garden filled with heirloom flowers! I'll like to sit on my porch and watch the world go know, the good and pleasant things like:

               A breathtaking sunset

A stormy night with thunder and lightning, but not with huge storms!

I'd love to see a beautiful moon on a clear night.

  I love snow...I don't know maybe I've watched too many old black-and-white love love of all times!  During the winter months, I want to be snowed in with lots of supplies to last until Spring thaw.

A roaring fire in the fireplace that keeps the little house toasty for us on those cold, cold and snowy winter nights near the mountains. And, have the furbabies lying down in front of it as they would at home on the warm comforters that I made for them.

 Seeing everything crystal, crisp and snowy. Then, waking in the morning to a winter wonderland undisturbed! Wow, I could really live this way totally!

However, it is only in my dream home...the little old house nestled in the woods near the mountains. I can go there whenever I want to get away and live my simple life. Can dreams become reality?
 Hopefully one day soon it will become real for me. All I need to do, is sign on the dotted lines and it will be mine! But you know me...I am constantly digressing....Oh the shame of it!


My Internet Is up Again

Don't you just hate it when this happens? Good thing I live in a small town and known for sounding out on this that are annoying. When I told them I needed my computer for sendiing in copy for the newspaper, I was assured it would be up and running!

  Well, I'm not the best, but what is the old saying, "you can't keep a hard working woman down" or something like that! LOL! Hope you are enjoying the fall weather! We were in the low 50's this morn! Wow, my kind of weather.

 Wishing you all a happy and safe weekend! I'll be announcing our next giveaway soon, so keep visiting.

I don't know why I love Ya'll so dat' blasted much....but I do! I really do!
Check out my next post....I'm gonna tell ya' a little somethin' about this old gal! See ya' there! Keep Smilin' and take care!


Thursday, October 13, 2011

Troubles Again

Hello To All.  Good Friday Morning!

 Thank you for your wonderful comments. I am having trouble now with my internet service. Has been down for 3 days. I will get back with my friends when this issue is settled. No word on what the problem is, but I see them working on the lines. We got good rain yesterday! But the city duck pond is still dried up! 

Have to run, using my grand's computer who lives in the west side of town.

Love you All! Take Care.....


Monday, October 10, 2011

Good Monday Morn

Hello to Everyone

Do you ever have those times in the morning when everything goes wrong, you feel low and all you want to do is go back to bed and pull the covers over your head?

I tried that but, it didn't work! Now, all I'm doing is lounging around on the couch and feeling like the weight of the word is on me. I have no energy, no you can see...I haven't touched the muffins.
I guess I need a little time for me. Meeting deadlines, going, running, chores everywhere, meetings, being pulled from all sides...Whee! I need a break!

 So, if you will pardon me for a few days, I'm going to get some much needed R & R. I am to the point of exhaustion. My body won't go anymore. I am sooo tired!

Thanks for understanding. So, until then...Take Care and have a great week!


Sunday, October 9, 2011

Trouble Troubles

This is what I feel like doing sometimes with all the trouble I've been experiencing with blogger. However, I know it will not solve my problem, only loose my computer!
For the last two weeks, each time I publish a post it take, first about 45 minutes, now it is over an hour or longer before it shows in the reader.
I tell you it is driving me @#$^&*+?@#* BEANS!
 Please tell me, am I the only one having this trouble? If you are, what are/have you done to solve it?
Please let me know!!! I have such a busy schedule this month and waste so much time checking back to see if the post is there.
I know, its a small thing, but it simply drives me crazy!! What's the solution! Heeeellllllpppp! I need you...
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