Friday, September 21, 2012


Here's wishing you and yours' a lovely Friday!

                             Kitten loves her mother. Click to enlarge

From our House to your's....

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Me and Miss Kitty-Kelly

I thought things would be unbearable without my Poodle Ashley, for he was so a part of me, I knew when he left me, life would never be the same!
  For the first time in my life, I felt the pains of grieving and sorrow. I have never reacted this way to losing anyone close to me. Holding him in my arms that night, and watching the life slip from his precious little body was overwhelming....It was profound!      
  I don't know how or when I decided to allow Miss Kitty (Kelly) to wiggle her way into my see, my daughter gave her to James after his surgery. I was determined not to allow myself to get that close to another pet, although I still have Amanda and Lovey.

Maybe some of the things friends told me were true, however I took them lightly 

You know,  the Lord brought her to you at a time when He knew you would need her

As time goes on, seemingly, I've recognized some of the things Ashley would do to help me (in Kitty) at the most opportune time! I see her doing the exact same things Ashley did with us. (She waits at the bathroom door for me. She sticks her paw underneath James' bath door when he's in the shower. She comes in and wake me the exact same time Ashley did each morning!)  

Sometimes, it can be a little scary, but I'm not one to question it. All I know is, this little handful of soft, warm and intelligent fur-ball has wiggled her way into my heart, and made the pain bearable and the loss so much easier.
  She makes me laugh when I thought I wouldn't again. She lifts my spirits when I am can I not thank the Lord, for bringing her into my life!  Now I know what you've known all along...cats are wonderful companions!  And, Miss Kitty is my faithful companion!

All The Best, 

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

I Was Thinking...

Update: Thank you for you input. They were very helpful. I'm going to put all the ideas together, and pick ONE from them all after extensive research, then muster up courage to present it to this hard-nose panel of  critics!
Thanks Again!

Oh, by the way... My choices are Shakespeare, T.S.Eliot and Milton. Deep, but some interesting subject matter! 

Sometimes when I say the phrase, "I was just thinking," it makes me nervous and James will actually leave the room! Lol. Seriously, he will get up and just walk out of the room- although, I am asking him to stay!

Without going into details, because it is a confidential matter, I found/find myself thinking about the incident too often and, how I manage to get myself into so many of them. 
  If I can ask you this one simple question, it will help me to get a bit of insight on the matter. 
The question: "If you could choose ONE book as a mandatory read for all high school students, which book would you choose?"

Believe me, I really need your input on this one! Please give me your honest opinion...I need your help!! Thank You!

Monday, September 17, 2012

Sharing Family Photos

Good Afternoon,
How was your weekend? We had rain, and it is still raining today. No complaints, because we really needed it!
  I didn't know we were having family in again this weekend, but it was nice to see them. My aunt Bernice came in to see mom, and to check on her properties she still has here.  
 She doesn't drive anymore, so her girls drove her in from Texas.  I also got a chance to see more cousin's. I grew up with these cousins...Aunt B's children. The first picture is... 

Aunt Bernice when she was 18 years old. Taken at her parents home...the house is still livable after all this time. She was so young here...

Aunt B stands with her back to the camera, she looked off when the camera flashed...she hates taking pictures; however these are her 2 girls, Shirley on the left, and Betty on the right doing what we do when we get! There are 4 sisters and three brothers of them! My Mom has five girls! Wow...

Here is Billy, one of Aunt B's sons with his grand Marcie. He lives in Texas too and drove in to see them since it has been a while. We always have good times together when we all get together. 

My cousin Rhonda sent me some updated pics. Because of her job, she travels and is now in Florida. She is one of my Aunt Dorothy's girls.  

This is Rhonda with her partner, Adam...they have been together for some years....not expecting wedding bells ringing soon... 

Thought I'd share more of my relatives...we are a huge family when we all get together.  Hope you enjoy seeing them.
  I seem to be doing more and busier that ever lately. I'm cooking James some is Monday, so you know what that, a custom here in Louisiana!  I won't bother taking pictures, because you've seen my plate of beans. Nothing special.
  I'll be back to visit later...I sure hope you all have a nice and relaxing evening with family. Take good care...

Best Regards, 
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