Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Welcome, Welcome...

Well now... how in the world are you? I suppose it could be better, but what's the use of bellyaching about it, right?
  I wanted to give you a heads-up letting you know I will be away from my blog for a while, and hopefully by then I'll know what I'm going to do about this picture loading thingumabob!
  Ooops, I've been hanging around town folks all day, and the vernacular has rubbed off. Lol! Deadlines are coming from everywhere, and I been doing the bunny hop!
  Seriously, I will be quite busy with the newspaper and helping with all the coverage coming up during this holiday. I have a number of assignments that will keep me on my toes and also out on a couple. I'll stop in to say hello when possible...I can't help it...I have to keep in touch... LOL! 
Until then, keep creating and most of all, take good care!
Warm Regards,

Monday, November 26, 2012

Happy Monday

Good Morning Friends,
  Things are starting to look-up at the Thomas house. The wound is better with no more swelling, it is a warm 62 degrees, with showers expected today...and I am wondering,
what happened to our cold weather?
  Once we get cozy by the fire, with 32 degree temp and feeling the cold...the next couple of days, we are back to the warm temps. Oh well, what can we do but enjoy what we have and be thankful. It could be worse, huh?
  So, what have you been doing...I know enjoying family and friends...eating (hope not too much) but, what else? I suppose I will have to visit to see what you have been up too, right? 
  While James was home for the long weekend, we went to an estate sale and picked up some goodies. I'll get them up later when I get pics of it. what I've gotten for up- loading pictures. I'm not sure how I am going to handle this so I'll think it over and decide how to proceed. 
Wishing you all a terrific Monday. Take good care!


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