Saturday, October 20, 2012

Cool Morning and Warm Days

How's everyone fairing this evening? Thanks for visiting us, we didn't forget about you...we've had things to happen, as the old saying goes...when-it-rain-it-pours!
  My Mom is doing better than before, but when the weather changes here, she has to get acclimated to the damp and cold. She loves working in her garden, so we have to be mindful of her, since she lose her balance easily and falls. 
  Wednesday night our elderly next door neighbor fell and broke her hip. Paramedics came and took her to hospital. They did surgery yesterday and she didn't have any complications, however, she will be in therapy for weeks. Glenn, her son is keeping us posted.  We are watching the house and things for him until she comes home. She is such a dear sweet person.

On another note, I am cooked out...neither one of us can decide what we want to eat. I had some sauce in the freezer and took it out for spaghetti...James didn't want it, so I just decided to make me some mock chili.
  Guess who came into the kitchen saying, "something smells good", and helped himself to my bowl. Isn't it wonderful how we can read their minds and know their stomachs, then cook enough for the both of us! LOl. 

Please overlook this serving of belongs to James! See how he crumbled the crackers into the chili. ugh! He couldn't wait for me to fix it and get a shot!

Well, it-is-what-it-is! I had peppers and other garnishments, but this is all he wanted.

I didn't sit down to eat until James was on his second bowl...I didn't complain because he it was good to see him eating again.

That pot was near empty when he finished! Well, I know I'll have to find something to cook tomorrow!
  Hope you all have a very nice Saturday evening and enjoy the Autumn weather!

Warmth and Blessings From,
James & Loretta

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Happy Wednesday

  I feel so Blessed to be alive!  I know you feel that way too! Top of the morning to you all, I don't have to ask...I know you gals and guys have gotten those creative-juices flowing this bright and wonderful day. (hoping it is sunny your way too.)
  I took these pics just before my lilies faded, but I forgot to show them to you. Spider Lily is the name and they are some very awesome ones. I waited to get a shot of them when it was almost dark to get a better one, because when the sun is shining on them they do not present their best side. Enlarge to see how pretty they are. Enjoy!

On another note...  James brought these two gems home last night for our dessert. I'm constantly asking him to bring some fruit when he sees a stand on the road and he did so today. 

 I thought they would be as good to eat as they looked, however, they were deceiving! Nevertheless, it was nice to have some fruit to eat for a change. (What they sell in our grocery is priced so high you can't afford any of it!)

Thanks for stopping by to visit and say hello. We love having you here! Wishing you a lovely fall day. See you soon... I'm off to Mom's to visit with her...will be back to visit with you later. 


Monday, October 15, 2012

Around The House

Hey ya'll are? I'm Quoting a well known Cajun... Justin Wilson! How's the weather in-your-neck-of-the-woods? We are still experiencing the same...fall-like then back in the high 80's. 
  I was cleaning the kitchen and thought I would stop and share some pics with you, not any changes as far as painting, so, I just keep it clean and be happy. It-is-what-it-is, and I'm content. I went all around the room, but I'll show you only half of it now...

The red candy dish holds our stash of chocolates

The kitchen phone center. I used the basket to prevent Kitty from pushing the phone off to the floor. It is a solution now...
Kitty's lookout point right in the center of everything

My computer station and the coffee station to the left. Kitty's perch covers the lower window's length and right next to me so I can keep a watchful eye. She loves the kitchen cabs, although, she well knows they are a no-no!

She loves to swipe my pins from the computer desk. I have a time getting them back. If I leave out my journals and such, she shreds them all up too. 

 I use the backer's rack for my printer and other desk things that I need. My little message board is neat and tidy compared to other was a remove-all-post it-notes-day. I also have to remove my glasses from the desk, because Kitty thinks she need them when she grabs my pen and paper...ugh, that girl!  Slowly, I am learning, Kitties have a mind of their own!

I love the tall ceilings in our home. This is the only wall that I've used in this capacity. Thanks so much for stopping by to visit today. We would love having you back are always welcome... 

Hope your evening is filled with Blessings and Peace.
All The Best To You All,

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