Saturday, December 15, 2012

Launching of New Blog!

Good Evening Everyone,

I want to share with you the launching of our new blog entitled: She..."Spoke To Me" here
  We are still working out the final parts, but it is open for viewing, please stop by to check it out and to become our followers.
Please leave a comment to let us know you were there. Miss Kitty and I are very excited about it!

Best Wishes,

Is It Me Or...

When I wrote my post yesterday, I was shaking, angry, confused, and yes...shocked! Today, although my emotions are in check, I am left with a sense of loss...a deep loss, as I'm sure everyone of you are experiencing today.
  Prayer has given me solace. It is unfortunate we all live in a violent, loveless, hate-filled world with people who are selfish, cruel, yes, evil!
  While we go on with out daily routine and lives, subconsciously, our thoughts are still on those parents who have suffered this tremendous loss. Sadly, they will have to live with this deep sorrow. How utterly devastating!
  We talk about it, try to rationalize, make sense as to what went wrong and through this person's mind, what demons he was fighting, why so much hate, especially for his own mother? Nevertheless, this doesn't fix-what-this-person-has-broken! Those innocent lives can not be restored...those babies are gone, and their parents are left here to try and live with this havoc. You have to be made of stone if you aren't feeling this pain with them!

  I pray they will find a sense of closure first, just to get them through each moment, hour, and eventually...days. Faith in God may have been shaken, but faith will be needed to  get them through this horrific loss. I pray they will draw closer  to God and rely on Him!

  Let's all continue to keep them all in our thoughts and prayer...they all have  much sorrow ahead. May God Bless Them All!


Friday, December 14, 2012

Tragedy Strikes Again

It is with heavy heart and mixed emotions that I write this post. There has been another school shooting, this time at an elementary school! Dead are 27 total, as of now...18 of them small children ages 5-10 years old!
  Oh, my Lord! Why, why such loss? Why is a short word but, demands answers. But, are there answers for all of this horrific carnage? This world is so full of hate, ignorance, injustice and sick people who only think of themselves... someone who can shoot down killing a child this young, My God!

  Pray for this school, the students, parents and those who loss their precious babies...Lord Bless the Children! What a horrific event these children had to witness...

Let's pray they don't have problems dealing with this tragedy! Our Hearts goes out to all of you!

God Bless,

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Happy Sunday

Good Afternoon Friends,
  How are you today? I couldn't say good words about the weather because from reports, I know some of you are getting inclement weather. Sure hope it isn't too bad and you're able to withstand it.
  It is suppose to rain tonight here and turn cold with a morning low of 30 degrees, 50 is the high. This pattern will hold until mid-week, then it starts to warm up again! Ugh, flu weather! 
  When I had some time, I stopped in to see what you have been up to and I want to let you know, you didn't disappoint. I've loved your decor` baking, and yummy things to intice the tummy! "You guys rock!"
 The holiday parade was yesterday however, I didn't cover it...I was so tired, I had to take a back seat; or, shall I say, a seat on my front porch. I left all that madness to the pro's!
  I slept in today, and feel a bit better, but Monday starts a new day with more holiday coverage. This will be my final week however, and then, I'm home to prepare for the children's homecoming. I have sought the help of my daughter Daun, who recently moved back to live here, to help me with everything. I am bracing for my grand's!
  James and I have missed visiting with you and he asked that I send his hello's and best wishes... Take care and wishing you the greatest of the season!

All The Best To You & Yours'
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