Saturday, January 7, 2012

My Pink Bunny Room

Good Saturday Morning,
  I'm going to be a host today and make this a 2 to 3 part show of my Grand's bedroom. We had to compromise on the theme and I won the choice of  'Bunnies'. But, she went a step further, in order not to be out done, and picked 'pink' as the color.
  James finally persuaded her to use other colors with the pink. We are all now on the same page. So, this is what I did with the pink tulle and lace. This white furniture was an eyesore in a dull brown, but I fell in love with it and saw how it could be used in my decor`, sorry I don't have before pics. After I repurposed it, I hated the mirror, and was told it couldn't be replaced with any other glass into that provided space.

I tried everything, even wanting to hot glue lace around the circle. Nothing seemed right in my eyes.

 So, I thought of draping the lace around the mirror or, making a princess-style curtain around it. Hated it!

The idea to put the shelf above came to me as I tried ideas. It had a balanced look, especially with the nine feet ceilings in this house. The wall hanger, although green, picks up other greens in the room. I am planning painting in the Spring. Too, if my granddaughter decides other living arrangments, changes will be made.

The tulle does not hang...give me the look that I want, so I am tempted to put the lace back around that awful mirror! The problem is, it is too small, low and round!

If I could only look at it from this vantage point, it would be okay.

 I love the way I can display her things on it and the drawers hold all sorts of needed things! I even made this scarf on top out of white sheets and battenburg lace. Yeah, I'm a lace person...It makes things look dainty...girlie-girl!

I had to hide how it was hung (a small nail) so, I make this pom-pom from lace socks! Just what I needed. I like it!

   I would love to hear your ideas. Please be generous with your critique', especially before Mom come to visit...she is my worse critic! lol.
  Part 2 will reveal some pink room accessories. Keep in mind, this is a girls' room! Hope your day an exciting one and family oriented!
Are your pets getting enough attention...give them a hug for me, ok?
  James sends his regards and to let you know he miss you too! Take Care!
Warm Regards,

Friday, January 6, 2012

Hello Friends

                                       Make it Special!

You Are All Special to Me!

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

A New Year

Good Wednesday Morning, I'm sure you will agree, days seem to fly it is the middle of the week and I can barely remember
the beginning! Mom says its because I'm sleeping too late and losing that early morning time. I suppose she is right because I can't seem to get as much done since my fall.
 I have a lot of ideas that I need to release from my head...their galloping wildly up there is driving me beans! lol. That's the problem, heart willing, but body can't! I have a dish to share, thrift piece and an antique. So, scroll down the page to see!
  One good thing however, I'm sticking to my low carb diet. Look at this might see a little of everything in it because I took two, put them together and came up with a very good dish.

It consists of 1 cup pasta, tri-color Rotini, ham, cheese, broccoli, olives, whole corn, tomatoes, red peppers, celery, etc. olive oil for dressing!

 It was a very good salad with the pasta cooked 'al dente"

I was digging through my Mom's storage and found this old table she'd thrown out. I didn't need it but, I wanted it to go in my bedroom with other like pieces. I like it just as it is!

 I took this oil lamp too. It was wrapped with cob-webs; parts are rusted and I had to replace the glass-chimney. I like it here too. Isn't it wonderful how we can take our parents' old discarded stuff and make it glow in our decor`!

Tulle and lace, huh? I have an idea for this, let's see how it works out for me. Stay tuned!

 I have enjoyed sharing with you this morning...and I'll be visiting you shortly to see all your creativity. James went back to work today...I'm on my own and I'm not doing too well without him. I suppose I was depending on him more than I realized.
  Visiting you, I just know you will have some wonderful things to share too! Hope your day a glorious one! Take Good Care.

All The Best To You,

Monday, January 2, 2012

Good Evening Pretty Ladies

Sure hope you're having a beautiful day! I've finally caught up with some of my to-do-list, but it is a slow process. Trying to come up with a menu for my low carb diet has been the worst.
  I love sweets and I love baking...that's my problem. I also love potatoes and pasta...I don't care how prepared,  I will eat them! So, now my diet is limited. What's a girl to do? For now, I have started to portion my meals. That seems to be working, and cutting down on carbs and sweets.
  I finally had a chance to go into the kitchen and prepare a meal...I think James is a little happy, because he's mentioned several times he would be happy when I can get back in the kitchen. He can function out of his comfort zone just for a while. lol. Here's what I had for lunch and dinner: click to enlarge.

This was really tasty using lemons, and the juice from instead of salt. My dinner.

My lunch was this salad that I call, sweep the kitchen.

I used whatever was in the refrig to make it. I was surprised...It was good and James thought so too when I shared! I will be calling on you to keep me on the right track. I know I can depend on you to keep me focused, right?

I'd promised myself during the holiday I would bake these fruitcake cookies, but wasn't able to do so. As you can see, I make and baked them today! The recipe was big, almost 200 cookies! Don't worry, I've take Mom some earlier.

My aunt will pick up some tomorrow

 And I have 2 friends coming for coffee, they will get a gift-bag to carry home too!

However, I am going to keep a few for the two of us. James has one more day of his vacation and we will have these with coffee in the morning. The weather is awfully cold outside, so we can't sit on the porch. We'll create a nice occasion for them I'm sure
 Didn't these turn out pretty and the house smelled delicious when they were baking and it is still filled with the aroma. Oh, I forgot to tell you, my little secret...sheeee, I added a wee bit of Sour Mash to my recipe! They are mighty tasty!
  Hope you all have a wonderful week and I just know your 2012 will be a Happy one! See you again safe now!

All The Best,
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