Saturday, April 30, 2011

Time For Supper!

   I know some of us call this meal Supper, then some call it Dinner, but today I don't really care one way or the other. It's just plain food to me right about now! We haven't had a decent meal since last weekend, I couldn't look down at another hot dog, fish sandwich or po-boy again! I needed a hot meal.
  I'm showing you two plates with the identical amount of food, but, you know who accused the cook of cheating. Aren't we the perfect couple, fussing about who has the larger helping! LOL. Really now, his plate does hold more!

 I haven't fried chicken in months, so I had to get these out of the freezer because they'd started to thaw. The gravy is the rich dark, New Orleans style. (Remind me to show you how to make the roux for it). The salad is a simple toss with cracked pepper and a drizzle of olive oil. Biscuits are also homemade, for the Mister!

Dessert is simply a bowl of dutch chocolate ice-cream with whipped cream and fresh strawberries. I am stuffed and couldn't eat it all! But, you know who want seconds! It was really satisfying after not having a meal in days. I thought about you all though, that's why I'm sharing this meal with you. Hope you enjoyed it as much as we did! LOL. Love Ya!

Friday, April 29, 2011

Happy Days For Us!

Hello, and Happy Saturday to Everyone!
  We have been through the worst storms this past week! First of all, we are okay and didn't lose anything, by the grace of God, but I can't say that for others in our area. As I write this, there are some right in our neighborhood without power, and water. Our power was just turned on after four days without! Power poles, lines, transformers, homes, tractors, barns, entire fields of crop, trees and much, much more devastation by tornadoes and straight line winds. I have been clearing out debris and helping others as much as possible, howevr, I'm getting some rest tonight and getting back to our home!
  We can't move in because of trees down in the streets; folks have been working none stop since the storms tore through at one in the morning. It was sooo scary, and there were several tornadoes that hit. We rode it out...prayerfully. We are happy to be alive, since there were over 250 that lost their lives that night!
   I am so happy now, I'm shaking! I'd patiently waited without complaints but, when the power came on, I ran through the house thanking God. My babies were looking at me, I suppose wondering what in the world is wrong with our mom! It must have been a sight! LOL.
  To all who went through these storms with us, please know, our prayers are with you, and may God's rich blessings be with you! To my friends, I love you all and will keep in touch as often as possible! Thanks for visiting us! Big Hugs! Loretta

Monday, April 25, 2011

Good Monday Morning-Giveaway Reminder!

Hi everyone, hope you had a peaceful and wonderful weekend. We are saddened for those who lost their homes, jobs, etc., in the storms that hit this weekend. The weather is so unpredictable now and those storms can pop up so quickly. Please know, our prayers are with you during these trying times. May God Bless You All!

I'd also like to remind you of our giveaway, please give us some more names for those sweet little darlings! And, as a token of my appreciation, if your names are chosen, you can have the beautiful 5 piece bracelets.

Well, have to hurry and finish this post and get back to work, but before I go, I want to say: "Don't forget about me while I'm working to move into out home!".
  I posted a pic of it in an earlier post, scroll-down and have a look. Wishing you all well and have a Happy Week! Luv, Hugs! Loretta
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