Saturday, January 28, 2012

Happy Saturday Everyone

It has, for the most part, been a very good week! Although I had to stir up some dust, things worked out well...I am pleased!
 Visiting your blogs have filled me up with creativity...I have read about your everyday lives and felt your different emotions, maybe even cried a little with you.
  It wouldn't be the same if I didn't hear about, and see the changes you've made in your homes or, seeing your beautiful pets and hearing about their antics...What a treat it is for me! 
  I know the Hubster and I can stir up trouble sometimes among ourselves, but this is what make our Happy Relationship, and we thank you dear friends for putting up with us importantly, sharing your lives with us too! 
  Hubster had to work today, so he couldn't be here whispering in my ear the words he want to be said on this post, lol! I should have known, once I started allowing him to post, he would want to take over. But hey, that's okay as long as he sticks with! If you would like to hear more from him, let me know and I'll oblige...I think! We shall see...
  Here's hoping you have a Happy Saturday and your day be filled with family togetherness and love...including your pets...I can't forget mentioning them!

    From James & Loretta,  
We Bid You Good-Day!

Friday, January 27, 2012

Rainy Days

                       Welcome, come on in and sit a while...have a cuppa!
  We have had two straight days of heavy rain. The pics are shot from my front porch. Our house faces south and is on a hill. You can see the street as it dips down and rises again on the right. I constantly watched the city park across the street as the rain increased and it started to flood.

 If you click to enlarge the pic, look across the street as the water starts to build up and flow. This is a big problem when there are heavy rains.

Now, the playground is flooded and there's a huge run off. I feel so sorry for my neighbor to the right of this picture, because her front yard floods each time there is a hard rain. Later that day there was a city crew out unplugging the drain to allow the water to run out of the park.
  Today, we have sun, birds are singing and it is a cool 35 degrees. Although the ground is soaked its a good thing, because soon it will be time for the different flowers, bulbs, and shrubs to bloom. What would it be like without the different seasons? Our God is good...wonders to behold!
  A big thank you to our new followers and we invite more of you to come join us with your creativity! Wishing you a sunny, wonderful beautiful day! Love love you!

Thursday, January 26, 2012

All Is Well Now!

Good Evening Ladies, I'm back mentally exhausted and tired, but I want to let you know...I have my PBS back! I stirred up so much dirt today my phone started to ring like crazy!
  I suppose it doesn't help matters that my newspaper column speaks volumes and well known is the power of my pen! Approximately, 30 minutes after my post, our PBS channel was returned! 
  Phone calls, even after the return kept coming, checking to see if  PBS was restored in my house. Now that's service, and, I sent emails and returned calls to this effect. 
  During this crazy time, I called the mayor, my doctor, the cable station, the providers, city hall, the police, the paper and sent out 25 emails! I had no idea it was this bad...I suppose I lost it! Good thing I'm known in this town for kicking up dust or, I no doubt would have been arrested or hauled off to the loony-bin! lol.
  Now, all is well with Loretta...order has been restored to my house! James just got home and asked, " what in the world happened here today"? See, I told you, all that dust kicked up...hasn't settled yet!

I Simply Can't Believe It

Does the title of this post indicate my mood? Well, I am here to tell you it doesn't scratch the surface! Do you know, our cable station had the unmitigated gall to change our PBS station! Why, its simply unheard of...and I've been on the phone all morning giving them a piece of my mind. How dare they take away the only TV programming that's worth viewing, that's family oriented!

Why, there is Doc Martin with a new season coming soon!

Sherlock Holmes

And the piece de resistance` "Downton Abby". These are but a few of the quality programs that I would even attempt to watch on TV!
  That is what's wrong with TV today...they want blood, violence, guns, death and massacre to fill our children's minds. No wonder there is so much violence among them today! As parents, we need to get up, get out and do the same to protect our families. 
I am appalled, but I am determined to keep up my vigil. How dare they... 
  Well, I'm stepping down off my soapbox now, and settling down before my blood pressure exceed all limits, but I will not give up! I hope for those of you who do not, did not lose your quality, family oriented, and favorite programming, will appreciate it and fight to keep it!  With this said, I am returning to the phones to kick up some more dust!

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

What's For Supper

Good Evening Ladies and Gents, 
  Between the two of us, we managed to get supper on the table instead of eating out. I really do not like take out, so we thought of something very easy to prepare together. 
  I really wanted the cheese cake, but knew Hubster would want more since he worked today. He doesn't like to stop for lunch usually working straight through, then eating his heavier meal in the evening. 
  Before I put the meal up, I want to tell you what happened in the kitchen tonight. I'd prepared the cheese cake earlier and it was in the refrigerator to chill. When I went over to bring it to the table, Ashley ran right in front of me, and I tripped...reaching out to keep from hitting the floor! 
  The cheesecake tipped, but hubster caught it and between the both of us, neither hit the floor, but Ashley got stepped on and cried as if his world was coming to an end. 
  When I got myself together and sat down he came crying and had to be comforted, the big baby! I looked up at Hubster and he had cherries running down his shirt! The cheese cake was damaged, but we still  had the most of it to eat. We both had to laugh at it all!
  I still keep thinking if I'd stayed in bed it wouldn't have happened, because Ashley is always in the kitchen with me, watching every move. However, this wasn't a good time because of my cane. So, here's the damaged cheesecake!

The middle was damaged and the crust is off

 No, Hubster didn't snitch a forkful! lol

Our meal was simple, meatloaf, mashed potatoes, green peas and rolls. The meatloaf is a special recipe that I
made for our diet. Hubster says it is good. I will share it with you on another post. I wanted him to take over and finish the post, but he said he didn't know how to write a recipe. (He just want to find a way to watch TV.)  A full belly. lol.

  I'm so happy we had time together to share it with you! That's what family togetherness is all about, right? And, doesn't it include the pets too, after all they are family too! Here, we would not have it any other way! 
  Hubster and I hope you are have a restful, relaxing and fun evening with family. We enjoy your company so much and invite you to come back anytime to see what's happening, "At Our House". 

Take Care and we bid you goodnight! 
James & Loretta

Monday, January 23, 2012

A New Baby

Hey Ya'll good folks out there in Blogland! Yeah, the Hubster's here. I wanted to let you know I'm a new grand-poppie again! This is number eleven. Oh, by the way...I have an appointment with doc today, a follow up, so I'm home with Loretta. 
  She asked me to post today...that old 'fibro' acts up when its cold out. But, she'll bounce back in a while. As the card says...Its a girl!

Her name is Christa, 7lbs. 6oz. 18.75" long. She looks like her daddy! She's a beauty, Right?

                                     This is her mom, and that's my boy Chris there.

  He hasn't seen her yet because he is still out on a tour, not expected til sometime in February. But, he's a proud poppa...just like me!
  I want to thank all you good folks for your comments and prayers, it meant so much to be thought of like that. Ya'll some good folks, I really mean that! 
 Glad I got the chance to come see ya' again, I don't want Loretta to go near that closet again, cause that ol' gal is mean with that shotgun of hers and a darn good shot! So, I'm gonna behave and not upset her, I guarantee! heeeheee.
  Ya'll take care and keep warm, that weather has been rough and down right cold in places. The Hubster signing off here, 

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