Monday, February 7, 2011

February A Month Of Celebration

Good Morning Friends. This month is filled with celebrations. Today is "Greet your Neighbor Day". For some of us it may be impossible to do so in person because of weather and hazardous conditions. But, we can certainly find other ways to do so. Phoning, texting; sending an e-mail, facebook, etc. Keeping in touch with your neighbors has never been easier. Why not share a hot breakfast with your neighbor.
 February is "National Hot Breakfast Month". Sharing a hardy breakfast not only bring you together, but can also be beneficial and nutritional.
The hot breakfast below is a visual celebration from my family, to your family.  The menu: hot buttered grits, cinnamon toast, scrambled eggs, sausage,crisp bacon, all with fruit and fruit juice. Can I pour you another cup? Enjoy!
What a hardy breakfast to serve your family and neighbor!
Happy Celebration!
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